+ 5,700 points

Mise en place et administration d’Einstein Analytics

Découvrez comment configurer Einstein Analytics, y importer vos données et développer des applications qui aideront vos équipes à prendre de bonnes décisions.

15 h 50 min
+ 100 points

Quick Start: Einstein Analytics

Get to know Einstein Analytics by building and sharing a data exploration app.

25 min
+ 400 points

Integrate Local and Remote Data in Einstein Analytics

Create an end-to-end integration process to load and prepare data from different sources.

1 h 10 min
+ 400 points

Build Advanced Einstein Analytics Dashboards

Increase adoption and usability by making dashboards more dynamic and focused.

1 h 35 min
+ 500 points

Conception d’applications Einstein Analytics

Découvrez les principes de la conception d’applications et apprenez à les appliquer pour créer de sublimes applications Einstein Analytics

1 h
+ 400 points

Customize a Dashboard with Einstein Analytics Advanced Editor

Create a personalized and engaging dashboard with SOQL and bindings.

50 min
+ 900 points

Einstein Analytics App Template Development

Use templates to distribute Einstein Analytics apps to your partners and customers.

1 h 40 min
+ 300 points

Create a Custom Map for Einstein Analytics Charts

Use GeoJSON to extend the mapping capabilities of Einstein Analytics.

1 h 20 min
15 h 50 min