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Reinvent your resume with skill-based Salesforce credentials

Explore Superbadges

Tackle real-world problems

Flaunt your talent for translating abstract business requirements into real-world solutions.

Show what you can do

Validate your hard-earned skills by crushing complex, hands-on challenges with real-time feedback.

Stand out from the pack

Level up your career with a proven record of your ability to get the job done.

Supercharge your resume with these core skills

Lightning Experience Superbadge Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience

Power up your sales reps with a super-charged interface and process automation.

Charge Ahead →
Apex Superbadge Apex


Use integration and business logic to push your Apex coding skills to the limit.

Git Coding →
Reports & Dashboards Superbadge Reports & Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards

Craft a set of powerful reports and dashboards to shine a light on your business data.

Analyze This →
Security Superbadge Security


Flex your security muscles by locking down permissions and tracking changes.

Lock It Down →

More on the way!

Salesforce-verified credentials
We're working to bridge the cloud skills gap with an innovative, trusted measure of success.
Resume-worthy skills
Get laser-focused on the in-demand skills every employer is looking for in their dream candidate.
Automated assessments
No more biting your nails while waiting for exam results. Get instant feedback and gratification.
LinkedIn integration
Sharing your superbadges on your LinkedIn profile will help you stand out to recruiters.
Real-world scenarios
Apply your hard-earned Salesforce skills to solve common problems that businesses face everyday.
Community-reviewed content
We've incorporated feedback from expert MVPs who live and breathe Salesforce in the wild.
I've always loved learning with Trailhead! Now with superbadges, I can prove my skills by transforming real-life requirements into a complete solution.
Clara Pérez
Salesforce Developer & MVP, Great Wave Technologies
Streamlined hiring
Narrow your search to candidates who have the key skills to make a huge impact on day one.
Training and onboarding
Reduce the cost and time it takes to equip your employees with the latest Salesforce skills.
Certification readiness
Use superbadges as a benchmark for evaluating employee readiness for certification.
Practical pre-employment assessments
Test cross-functional, real-world skills via hands-on challenges designed by Salesforce experts.
Global diversity and scale
Reach a larger, more diverse pool of talent than ever before with a common measure of success.
Skill-based credentials
Attract top talent by embracing the bright future of digital credentials to bridge the tech skills gap.
Superbadges will help us identify candidates who've put Salesforce skills to the test in meaningful ways.
Kimberly Wallins Friedman
Principal, Hire On-Demand

Where Superbadges fit into your Salesforce resume

How are Superbadges different than other Trailhead badges?

Superbadges are the next level up from the existing Trailhead badges you know and love. So what makes them so super?

Existing Trailhead badges represent what you've learned. Superbadges prove that you can take what you've learned and apply it to solve complex, real-world business problems.

Plus, after you've invested the time to successfully earn your superbadge, you'll even feel more super!

How do Superbadges complement Salesforce Certification?

Are you thinking of getting Salesforce-certified? Superbadges are a great way to test your Salesforce chops at your own pace before scheduling a certification exam. After completing a superbadge, you'll be even more confident for game day.

If you're already Salesforce-certified, superbadges will help you land your #dreamjob by rounding out your resume with verified hands-on experience in specific Salesforce skills.

Your Salesforce certification highlights your overall mastery of a specific role (admin, developer, etc.), while superbadges showcase your practical, hands-on experience with individual skills (Apex, security, etc.).