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Learn in-demand cybersecurity skills
Cybersecurity is more important than ever
estimated cost of cybercrime by 20211
increase in cybercrime over the last five years2
annual growth of ransomware attacks3
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Free learning for companies and individuals of all levels to develop security knowledge.
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Cybersecurity Resources During COVID-19

Learn to protect yourself and your organization from cyber attacks and work securely from home during COVID-19.

Meet real security professionals and read their stories
Fortinet NSE Training Institute
Free cybersecurity training for all levels.
Global Cyber Alliance Toolkit
Discover free and effective tools to reduce cyber risk as a small business.
World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity
Strengthening global collaboration to address systemic cybersecurity challenges.
Absa Cybersecurity Academy
Learn how the Absa Cybersecurity Academy in partnership with the Maharishi Institute is changing lives.
JVS & Salesforce Cybersecurity Career Panel
An open conversation with successful cybersecurity professionals about their careers.
In partnership with the World Economic Forum.