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+1,975 points

Develop Apps with Heroku

Build apps with open languages and frameworks on Heroku that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce.

~5 hrs 40 mins
+400 points

Heroku Enterprise Basics

Learn the basics of how and when to use the Heroku Enterprise platform.

~1 hr 10 mins
+400 points

Heroku Flow

Use Heroku Flow to manage continuous delivery in app development

~1 hr
+75 points

Quick Start: Deploy a Java App on Heroku

Create, deploy, and scale a Java app on Heroku.

~25 mins
+500 points

Develop a Heroku App That Integrates with Salesforce

Deploy an app to Heroku and integrate it with Salesforce using Heroku Connect

~1 hr 5 mins
~5 hrs 40 mins