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Peter Ingemann
Solution Architect, Chr. Hansen
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Trailblazers always work for the best solution, always prioritizing simplicity and ease of use.
When did you first learn about Salesforce?
My first encounter with Salesforce, was back in 2010. I was working as Process and Project Manager involved in merging two sales organizations and creating common processes across several departments. We decided to buy a common CRM tool and we selected Salesforce. I became Project Lead and was soon acting as the System Admin responsible for building up the setup, system, and processes around it. It was the biggest “game changing” moment in my professional life. I was enthusiastic from day one and excited to combine processes and tools that I could actually implement myself.
What motivated you to start learning on Trailhead?
I was thrilled about Trailhead from the start. Salesforce is an important skills so having fun and free training is fantastic. The gamification of earning badges as you take on new skills is a great way to incentivize yourself and colleagues to study. It's much easier to be motivated to study when it means you're earning badges and often chances to win prizes.
When do you feel like a “Salesforce Expert”?
I feel like an expert when I pass my certifications exams, of course! I also feel like an expert when I'm pulled in to reference calls with companies considering Salesforce as their new system as well. One of the most rewarding times is when my fellow Trailblazers in the Danish User Group ask me about my opinion or how I have tackled certain issues or setups. In those situations I get to not only help people but feel proud of my mastery of the subject matter.
Which accomplishment are you most proud of?
I am truly most proud of having shaped one of the most healthy orgs in Denmark and changed the users from reluctant to excited. It started as “just-another-system” and is now the favorite tool. It is important to acknowledge the various ambassadors and local stakeholders who have helped make this change possible.
How do you use your skills to give back to your community?
I’m passionate about Salesforce and the Ohana concept. On the personal level, I always try giving back and share knowledge, experience, or general help through the Danish Community Group. I also do non-profit charity work and have helped in implementing and improving the use of Salesforce for those organizations.
What does being a Trailblazer mean to you?
Being a Trailblazer means to lead the way and be a good example for others. It's important to be open, curious, and never patronize or demean to other people or systems. Trailblazers always work for the best solution, always prioritizing simplicity and ease of use.
How will Trailhead be a part of your future?
I see a great potential in myTrailhead, in the way that you as a company can create your own custom learning content in the Trailhead style. This will expand the user adoption tremendously, and Trailhead will become even more relevant as the content is tailored specifically to that needs of the company.
What message do you have for people that are considering learning Salesforce?
Go ahead and start your journey. Be creative, be crazy, be successful...

It’s time to start your own story.