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Vamsi Krishna Gosu
Salesforce Architect, Techforce Services
Sydney, Australia
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Studying on Trailhead has brought my team closer together. It bridges skill gaps, allows everyone to have fun, and creates an environment where people work and learn side by side.
Describe your first encounter with Salesforce and Trailhead.
Early in my career, I was primarily a Microsoft guy with C# .NET and some front-end skills. One fine day, I was asked to start working on Salesforce Apex and Visualforce development. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to be included in an early group of MVP developers working with Trailhead. I'm proud to say that I earned a Trailblazer hoodie at the MVP summit back in 2014 for completing all of the 17 modules available at that time. I may be the very first person to have earned the hoodie.

What keeps you coming back to Trailhead?
The exposure to all of the different tools and components of the platform. Through Trailhead, I try to cover as much content as possible so I can be educated on all of the powers of the platform. So far, I've earned 380+ badges and 295,000+ points!
What is your biggest win thanks to Trailhead?
Overcoming stage fright! It might be surprising to some, but presenting to a wider audience was always a tough experience for me. As a result of my involvement in Salesforce ecosystem, and the work I've done with Trailhead, I've become more involved in the community. Both being a leader of the Sydney Salesforce Developer User Group and having speaking opportunities at various community events in Austraila, have helped me become more comfortable with speaking in public.
Which accomplishment are you most proud of?
My biggest achievement within Salesforce ecosystem was earning the MVP recognition within the first 2 years I started working with the platform. I really love the way the Trailblazer community is engaging all the time, whether online or in person. The vibrancy of the community makes it easy to want to jump in often and help others succeed in learning Salesforce.
How do you use your skills to give back to your community?
Giving back is such an important part of the Trailblazer community. I'm a leader of a Developer User Group here in Sydney, Australia which has been an awesome opportunity to give back. I've also had the privilege to travel to community events like Down Under Dreamin' etc. Another great way to stay involved, which other people might find easy to fit into their schedule, is to contribute answers in the Trailblazer Community.
What does the Salesforce community mean to you?
My extended family. I spend a lot of time learning from the community and working hard to contribute back as much as I take. There's a lot of love in this community.
What is your dream job?
I find the way the education system back home in India is shaping up to be troubling. Education is becoming unaffordable to the majority of students, and for those who can afford it, it's becoming more competitive and the emphasis seems to be on competition over learning. My dream job would be to dedicate myself full time to the future of education. I'd like to work to make school more affordable to every kid and make learning all topics as accessible and fun as learning is on Trailhead.
How has Trailhead impacted learning for you or others?
My team learns on Trailhead together. Collectively, we really enjoy the friendly competition and taking the time to learn new things. Studying on Trailhead has brought my team closer. It bridges skill gaps, allows everyone to have fun, and creates an environment where people work and learn side by side.
What message do you have for people that are considering learning on Trailhead?
Just get started. Trailhead. Earn one badge and I believe you will see how Trailhead makes learning Salesforce feel like fun and not work. It's the “Vamsi Promise.”

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