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Learn About Customer Discovery

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Determine business strategies, goals, initiatives, and challenges to define the scope of business analysis.
  • Discover how a customer is using and benefiting from Salesforce products to establish the current state.
  • Understand and explain Business Analyst roles and responsibilities in different phases of the implementation lifecycle.
  • Apply the implementation lifecycle for planning business analysis activities.
  • Analyze the customer’s Salesforce environment to identify opportunities and constraints.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Salesforce capabilities and its potential to recommend solutions to the business.

Key Topics

This unit prepares you for the Customer Discovery section of the Salesforce Business Analyst exam, which makes up 17% of the overall exam. This section of the exam includes these topics.

  • Stakeholders
  • Work streams
  • Change management
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Product roadmaps
  • Release notes
  • Salesforce Customer 360

This unit provides a number of interactive, real-world questions that are a lot like the ones you’ll encounter as a Salesforce Business Analyst. Looking at these questions helps prepare you to take the Customer Discovery section of the Salesforce Business Analyst exam. As you tackle the practice questions, you get immediate feedback on your answers, along with detailed information on why your answers are correct (or incorrect).

The unit also contains interactive flashcards centered around study topics that help you prepare for the Customer Discovery section of the exam.

Exam Practice Questions

Ready to jump in? The sample tool below is not scored—it’s just an easy way to quiz yourself. To use it, read the question, then click the answer you think is correct. Click Submit to learn whether the answer you chose is correct or incorrect, and why. If there’s a longer explanation, click Expand button to expand the window, then click anywhere in the window to close it. When you reach the end, you can review the answers or retake the questions.

Did you choose the wrong answer? Check out the table below for related study material.

Question 1

Review Drucker School—Organizational Change Leadership to better understand how to drive change within an organization.

Question 2 

Read Journey Mapping to learn more about the benefits of journey mapping.

Question 3

Learn customer goals and challenges to build the best strategy for their business by studying Customer-Centric Discovery for Salesforce Partners.

Exam Topic Flashcards

The following flashcards cover customer discovery. Use these interactive flashcards to brush up on some of the key topics you’ll find on this part of the exam.

Read the question or term on each card, then click or tap the card to reveal the correct answer. Click the right-facing arrow to move to the next card and the left-facing arrow to return to the previous card.

Did you choose the wrong answer? Check out the table below for related study material.

Flashcard 1

Review Salesforce Optimizer to get insights into the health of an org.

Flashcard 2

Study Innovation Customer Discovery to brush up on tactics for rapid research that will help you better understand your customers.

Flashcard 3

Learn more about Salesforce solutions by reading Salesforce Customer 360.

Flashcard 4

Examine idea generation by studying Innovation Ideation & Prototyping.

Looking for more information? Explore these related badges.

Congratulations! You’ve studied up on customer discovery. Next, take a look at collaboration with stakeholders.

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