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Los Trailmixes son métodos de aprendizaje personalizados que crea con sus rutas, módulos, proyectos y superbadges favoritos. ¡Compártalos para guiar sus colegas Trailblazers!

Trailmixes destacados (48)

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13,500 puntos
Trailmix by Salesforce Trailhead

Mango Smoothie (March '19) Content Release

Mango the distance with these smoothie new badges

23 horas 40 minutos
1,100 puntos
Trailmix by Salesforce Trailhead

Spring '18 Release Readiness

Welcome to our Spring ’18 Release. Blaze new trails to customer success.

2 horas 30 minutos
3,100 puntos
Trailmix by Salesforce Trailhead

Get your company started with Trailhead

Create a culture of learning at your company. Learn how to get started today with Trailhead.

3 horas 39 minutos
4,825 puntos
Trailmix by Salesforce Trailhead

Build Your Developer Career on Salesforce

New to Salesforce development? Here's a quick tour of how you can quickly build apps and integrations with Salesforce.

6 horas 25 minutos
22,300 puntos
Trailmix by Salesforce Trailhead

Blaze Your Trail to Lightning

Become a Lightning expert with this proven game plan.

32 horas
26,450 puntos
Trailmix by Amber Boaz

Begin in the Beginning

A great overview of what's possible with the platform. Begin in the beginning!

26 horas 50 minutos
4,650 puntos
Trailmix by Sanjna Parulekar

Become an AI Trailblazer

This Trailmix has every trail and module to help you become an AI Trailblazer.

11 horas 5 minutos
10,475 puntos
Trailmix by Cheryl Feldman

Get a Window Tour of Salesforce

Learn your way around some of the must-know features you'll use put to use every day

12 horas 40 minutos
17,800 puntos
Trailmix by Alicia Schmidt

Getting Started with Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) - Admins

Mix of trails and modules for nonprofits getting started with Salesforce and the NPSP. Take your time and work through in order.

30 horas 25 minutos