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Create and Manage Articles

Follow Along with Trail Together

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By going through the process of creating a Knowledge article yourself, you ensure that Ada is set up for success as she creates and manages her own articles.Create a Knowledge article using the foundation you've set up from the previous steps in this project. Then after you publish it, update the article, creating a new version.

Enable Validation Status for Articles

Before you can do anything with validation statuses, the validation status field must be activated. Make sure this is ready to go!

  1. If you've navigated away, click the Setup gear Setup Icon and select Service Setup.
  2. Enter Knowledge Settings in the Quick Find box and select Knowledge Settings.
  3. Ensure Activate Validation Status field is enabled. (It should already be selected.)

Create a Validation Status

Notice there are two different validation statuses already in the system—Validated and Not Validated. Add a Work in Progress status for articles that are in the works, but not ready for validation.

  1. Enter Validation Statuses in the Quick Find box and select Validation Statuses.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the textbox, enter Work in Progress.
  4. Select the Record Types that use this value, FAQ and How To.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Reorder and move Work In Progress above Validated using the up arrow.
  7. Select Work in Progress as the default value.
  8. Click Save.
    Validation Statues showing three values, with Work in Progress chosen as default value.

Create and Publish an Article

So far, you’ve set up record types, page layouts, data categories, access and visibility settings, and validation statuses for Knowledge. Now that the foundation is in place, create and publish an article to test the process. Once you create your article, assign it to Ada for validation, and finally, publish it.

  1. Click the App Launcher App Launcher Icon and select Service.
  2. Click the Knowledge tab.
  3. Click New.
  4. Select How To as the record type and click Next.
  5. For Title, enter How to Clean and Maintain Your Solar Panel. (URL Name is auto-populated.)
  6. In the Summary field, enter these options:
    • Regular rinses for dust and pollen
    • Leaf and debris clearing
    • Snow and ice removal (winter)
    • Annual inspection
  1. Under Properties, ensure Visible in Internal App is selected, and select Visible in Public Knowledge Base.
  2. Click Save. (Note: The Publication Status says Draft and Validation Status says Work In Progress.)
    Draft view of Knowledge article How to Clean and Maintain Your Solar Panel

Now assign the article to a category and then assign it to Ada.

  1. Click the dropdown next to Categories and click Edit.
  2. Expand the Solar Installation & Maintenance category, and select the checkbox next to Solar Panels.
  3. Click Save.
    Knowledge article categories shown with Solar Panels selected.
  4. Click Assign at the top of the page. (Note: Access other actions with the buttons and dropdown at the top of the page. For example, you could change the record type and submit an article for approval if you needed to!)
  5. Assign to Ada Balewa. (Tip: x out of your name in the Assign to field, then search for Ada Balewa.)
  6. Add instructions: Ada, can you confirm details are correct and publish?
  7. Click Save.
    Assign the Knowledge article to Ada for validation
  8. Notice that Under the Assignment Information, the Assigned To field now says Ada Balewa.

Validate and Publish the Article

To fully test the process, sign in as Ada, and validate and publish the article you just created.

  1. Click the Setup gear Setup Icon and select Service Setup.
  2. Enter Users in the Quick find box and select Users.
  3. Next to Ada Balewa, click Login.
  4. Ensure you are viewing the Service App, and click the Knowledge Tab.
  5. From the list view dropdown at the top of the page select the Draft Articles list view.
  6. Click How to Clean and Maintain Your Solar Panel.
  7. Review the Assignment information.
  8. Click Edit at the top of the page.
  9. Select the Validated status from the Validation Status picklist and click Save.
    Ada’s edit screen for the new article showing the updated Validation status.
  10. Click Publish at the top of the page, keep Publish Now selected and click Publish. (Note that the Publication Status field has been updated to Published.)
    Note: If the Publish button is not immediately visible, click the dropdown menu next to the Edit button to reveal it.
    Dropdown with the Publish button
  11. Click Log out as Ada Balewa at the top of the page.

Update the Article

Once an article is published, you can always improve or update the information as needed. To test this process, add a note to your recently published Knowledge article. This is accomplished by creating a new version of the article and adding the new text. Once it’s updated, re-publish the article.

  1. From the Service app, click the Knowledge Tab.
  2. From the dropdown, select the Published Articles List View.
  3. Click the How to Clean and Maintain Your Solar Panel article.
  4. Click the Versions tab. Notice that you are viewing version 1, and at the top of the page under Version Number it also says 1.
  5. Click the Edit as Draft button at the top of the page, then click Edit as Draft again.
  6. At the bottom of the Summary field enter: Note: Never attempt to repair any component of your solar system yourself.
  7. Click Save. Notice that the Publication Status says Draft again and version number is 0.
  8. Click Publish. You may have to click the down arrow to the right of the Edit button to see the Publish option.
  9. Keep Publish now selected, keep Flag as New Version selected, and click Publish.
  10. Click the Versions tab. Notice there is a Version 2 now, and at the top under Version Number it says 2. Also note the Publication Status field has been updated to Published again. Your changes to the article now appear in the Summary field (on the Details tab).
    Show The Version tab of the Knowledge article showing versions 1 and 2.

You’ve created your first Knowledge article—and published it. Next, use your Knowledge article to close a case.


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