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Create the Object Model

Track Your Discoveries

In the previous step, you found a number of web pages for careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. As you continue on your journey, you’re going to find other resources you want to track, like blogs, websites, podcasts, events, and more. So let’s build an app on the Salesforce Platform to track all of those resources.

Build a Custom Object

Start by creating a custom object, Discovery, to track all of the resources you discover on your learning journey.

  • Click Setup and select Setup.
  • Click Object Manager.
  • Click Create and select Custom Object.
  • Create an object as follows:
    • Label: Discovery
    • Plural Label: Discoveries
    • Object Name: Discovery
    • Record Name: Discovery Name
    • Under Optional Features, select Allow Reports.
    • Under Object Creation Options (available only when a custom object is first created), select Launch New Custom Tab Wizard after saving this custom object.
  • Click Save.

This directs you to the New Custom Object Tab screen. Next, let’s make the tab.

Make a Custom Tab

If the tab wizard didn’t automatically launch, that’s OK. Enter Tabs in Quick Find and select Tabs. In the Custom Object Tabs section, click New

Follow these steps to create a tab for your custom object.

  • If it isn’t already selected, for Object, select Discovery.
  • Click Tab Style and choose any image. How about a compass?
  • Click Next, Next, and Save.
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