Automate Your Survey Invitations

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a process on the Opportunity object.
  • Automate a survey invitation.

Automate Survey Invitations

Ursa Major Solar is growing at an unbelievable pace, all thanks to its sales reps. Gabriela knows that sales is a very intense job, so she wants to ensure that the sales reps are well taken care of. She wants to automate the process of sending a survey invitation to gather feedback from sales reps every time an opportunity is lost or won.

To do this, she needs to use Process Builder.

Gabriella calls Maria, the Salesforce admin, and asks if she can build a process that automatically generates the Sales Rep Feedback (Closed Opportunity) survey when an opportunity is lost or won.

Create a Process on the Opportunity Object

Maria’s first step is to create a process on the Opportunity object.

  1. Click Setup and select Setup.
  2. In the Quick Find box, enter Process Builder.
  3. Click Process Builder.
  4. Click New.
  5. Name the process. Maria enters Survey Invitation on Opportunity Closure.
  6. For The process starts when, select A record changes.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Add Object.
  9. Select Opportunity as the object and specify that the process should start when a record is created or edited.
  10. Click Save.

Here’s how the process looks at this stage.

Process Builder with the Choose Object and Specify When to Start the Process step open.

Add a Criteria

Next, she adds a criteria that determines when a survey invitation is generated.

  1. Click Add Criteria.
  2. Name the criteria. Maria enters Closed Opportunity.
  3. Set the following conditions:
    1. For Criteria for Executing Actions, select Conditions are met.
    2. In the Set Conditions section, select the following.
      • First Condition:
        • Field: Stage
        • Operator: Equals
        • Type: Picklist
        • Value: Closed Won
      • Second Condition:
        • Field: Stage
        • Operator: Equals
        • Type: Picklist
        • Value: Closed Lost
    3. For Conditions parameter, select Any of the conditions are met (OR).
  4. On the Advanced section, select Yes. This doesn't allow the process to send invitations when a closed opportunity is edited.
  5. Click Save.

Let’s see how this step looks on Maria’s screen.

Process Builder with the Define Criteria for this Action Group step open.

Add an Action

The last step is to add an action that triggers a survey invitation once an opportunity is closed.

  1. Click Add Action.
  2. For Action Type, select Send Survey Invitation.
  3. Name the action. Maria enters Send Survey Invitation to Sales Reps.
  4. For Survey, select Sales Rep Feedback (Closed Opportunity).

This survey isn’t available in your Trailhead Playground, though, you will be using the Customer Satisfaction survey to complete your hands-on-challenge at the end of this unit.

  1. For Email Content, Maria selects Survey link. This allows her to send an email containing a link to the survey instead of a link to only one question.
  2. For Email Template, select Embed_a_Survey_Link.
  3. In Recipient Type, select the following:
    1. Recipient Type: Users in Your Org
    2. Recipient: Owner ID > User ID
  4. Maria chooses to send an anonymous link to ensure that the feedback is reviewed without any bias.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Activate.

Here’s what the final step looks like.

Process Builder with the Select and Define Action step open.

After an opportunity is closed, an email invitation for the Sales Rep Feedback (Closed Opportunity) survey is sent to the sales rep. The invitation and response records are also available in the Survey Invitations and Responses list on the Related tab of the opportunity record.

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