Give Service Reps a 360-Degree View of Policyholders

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe the key features available to service reps in Insurance Agent Console.
  • Outline the benefits of Insurance Agent Console for service reps.

Get Customer Service Data Fast

We introduced you to Zaw from customer service earlier in this module. His team is often at the receiving end of client frustrations. So you can imagine how excited he is about this rollout of Insurance Agent Console. When the big day arrives, Zaw logs in to find his home page with valuable dashboards and charts.

Zaw’s view of the Insurance Agent Console home page, also known as the Book of Business
It’s all the key data he needs to start his day off on a productive note—and it’s all in one place. The data includes:
  • Performance metrics like the number of claims and cases he settled and the average number of days he took to settle a claim and close a case.
  • Charts that show performance metrics across time and around key parameters:
    • The number of claims settled and the average settlement time per claim. (He can even compare and contrast this performance across different policy types, such as auto, life, and insurance.)
    • The number of cases closed and the average case closure time.

Filter Service Data by Time

Just like Zeynep used the console for sales data, Zaw can use the console to get a singular, unified view of Rachel from a service rep’s point of view. Not only does he have access to information about Rachel’s life events and new developments, but he also is privy to service-related information that will help inform his interactions with her, such as a list of all her open claims. Zaw can also slice and dice service data the same way Zeynep did with her sales charts. From the reports in his Book of Business, Zaw can use the dropdown and select month-to-date (MTD), quarter-to-date (QTD), or year-to-date (YTD) to view how data changes over time.

A Claim for Ms. Adams

Let's take a look at how Zaw can use Rachel's data to provide better service.

From the App Launcher (App Launcher icon), find and select Insurance Agent Console, and then go to Rachel Adams’ account record page.

The design of the Policies tab on this page draws Zaw’s attention toward the important tasks first. Under Policies and Claims, he sees Rachel has two open claims.

The Policies tab of Rachel Adams’s person account page, with the summary of all her open claims highlighted

He hovers over the claim number under Open Claims and gets key summary information for both her open claims.

Listing of open claims for Rachel Adams

A cursory scan reveals that one of the claims is high priority, so he clicks that claim and its record page opens in a new tab.

The Details tab of one of Rachel Adams’s claim’s records

Zaw learns this case has been open with no activity for several months. Zaw was able to catch this important claim with just a few clicks. Now he can start investigating the issue and reaching out to Rachel with an update.

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