Create a New Life Event

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe the Life Events feature and its benefits.
  • Create a new life event.

Life Events Are Life Altering

As an insurance sales agent, nothing is more valuable than being able to tie your sales pitch to a big event in your client’s life. And that’s the power behind the Life Events feature. Let’s take a quick look.

Using Life Events, Zeynep can tell what has happened in Rachel’s life, what’s currently going on, and what’s coming up. But imagine for a moment that you’ve inherited Rachel Adams’s account from Zeynep: You don’t have the years-long relationship that Zeynep has cultivated with Rachel. You don’t know what Rachel’s studied, what car she’s bought, or that she recently had major knee surgery.

But you don’t need to have an established relationship with Rachel to know her. That’s what the Life Events feature is for. Life events help agents capture and visualize discrete, important experiences that occur in a client’s life, often triggering significant change and adjustment. Examples include graduation, marriage, childbirth, illness or injury, and changing or losing a job.

The Life Events component for Rachel Adams
The snapshot of Rachel’s important life events includes:
  • Birthdays (Rachel’s and her daughter, Sophie’s)
  • Education, marriage, and employment dates
  • Key health info
  • Relocation info
  • Future plans


All past-life events are in blue. Tentative future events, like plans to buy a home or a car, are partially greyed.



Notice that the events are not exactly in chronological order. That’s because admins can customize the order of life events any way they want based on business requirements. The powers-that-be at Cumulus wanted all life events across policyholders to appear in a set order. For example, childbirth is always third from right. This is to help agents who typically deal with a large volume of policies on a daily basis quickly scan the Life Events component and find the information they need without much effort.

Clicking the Recents First toggle lists all life events in reverse order.

Create a Life Event

Zeynep was supposed to call Rachel for an upcoming portfolio review, but then she suddenly comes down with a bad bout of the flu. Her colleague Pavan must now back her up, and he’s never used the new Salesforce Insurance Agent Console.

Pavan logs in to the system and checks out Rachel’s account record. He scans Rachel’s life events and feels he has just the right information he needs and is ready to help her. Rachel was thankful she didn’t have to fill in the blanks for Pavan. He knew she was planning to buy a new home and that she recently got promoted.

Pavan learns during the conversation that Rachel plans to buy a new luxury SUV for her family by the year end. That seemed like a future cross-sell business opportunity. He quickly adds a “tentative life event” to her profile.

New Person Life Event page
Here’s how he does this.
  1. Navigate to Rachel Adams’s person account page and click New Event in the Life Events component. The New Person Life Event page opens as a subtab within Rachel Adams’s workspace tab.
  2. Enter the event name: Purchase a new car
  3. For event date, he enters: 12/2/2019.
  4. Pavan selects the Tentative checkbox.
  5. From the Event Type field, select Car.
  6. He clicks Save.


You can also create a new life event by clicking on an existing event in the Life Event component bar and then clicking New.

Let’s check out how this new life event is featured on Rachel’s Person Account record page.

  1. From the App Launcher (App Launcher icon), find and select Insurance Agent Console.
  2. Select Accounts from the navigation bar.
  3. Select Rachel Adams (Sample).
  4. Review the updated Life Events component of this record. The updated Life Events component on Rachel Adams’ Person Account record page

Notice how there are now two life events marked with x<count>, one for education and another for automobiles. <count> represents the number of life event instances of a particular type.

For example, the education life event (labeled Post Graduation here, and we’ll come to that bit in a minute) is marked with an x2. Hover over this life event type to view all instances of the event. You’ll see that the latest event, Post Graduation, is displayed at the top, and that is also the name of the education event type in the Life Events component view.

Full view of all the education life events for Rachel Adams.

The automobile icon is grayed out because one of the life event instances of this type is marked tentative. You’ll recall that you’d just created a tentative life event named Purchase a new car earlier in this unit.

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