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Review Reports and Dashboards

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe reports on Salesforce.
  • Describe dashboards on Salesforce.

Key Topics

This unit prepares you for the Reports and Dashboards section of the Salesforce Associate exam, which makes up 15% of the overall exam. This section of the exam tests these topics.

  • Report tab
  • Report folders
  • Report preview
  • Report types
  • Report fields
  • Report filters and groups
  • Report export
  • Dashboard refresh button
  • Dashboard components

Like the previous unit, this unit contains practice questions and flashcards.

Exam Practice Questions

Ready to jump in? The sample tool below is not scored—it's just an easy way to quiz yourself. To use it, read the question, then click the answer you think is correct. Some questions may have more than one correct answer. Click Submit to learn whether the answer you chose is correct or incorrect, and why. If there’s a longer explanation, clickExpand buttonto expand the window, then click anywhere in the window to close it. When you reach the end, you can review the answers or retake the questions.

Did you choose the wrong answer? Check out the table below for related study material.

Question 1

Explore how to apply Formulas and Validations in reports. 

Question 2

Read how to Share a Report or Dashboard Folder in Lightning Experience.

Question 3

Review Reports and Dashboards Limits, Limitations, and Allocations to understand reports. 

Question 4

Learn more about Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience

Exam Topic Flashcards

The following flashcards cover reports and dashboards. Use these interactive flashcards to brush up on some of the key topics you’ll find on this part of the exam.

Read the question or term on each card, then click or tap the card to reveal the correct answer. Click the right-facing arrow to move to the next card and the left-facing arrow to return to the previous card.

Check out the table below for related study material.

Flashcard 1 

Learn how to Schedule and Subscribe to Reports to receive notifications that keep stakeholders informed. 

Flashcard 2

Read how to Filter Reports by Values to define data in reports.

Flashcard 3

Review how to Refresh Dashboard Data to load the latest data into a dashboard. 

Flashcard 4

Identify how to Filter a Dashboard to apply different data perspectives. 

Looking for more information? Explore these related badges.


Content Type


Reports & Dashboards: Quick Look



Quick Start: Reports & Dashboards


Congratulations. You covered all of the Salesforce Associate certification test material in this badge. 

You reviewed all the sections of the exam. 

  • Salesforce Ecosystem
  • Navigation
  • Data Model
  • Reports & Dashboards

Good luck on your exam!

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