Create Support Processes

Learning Objectives

In this project, you’ll:

  • Create processes to streamline a support team’s workflow.
  • Create record types for different kinds of support cases.
  • Define picklist values for each new record type.
  • Create an escalation rule to push cases to a new queue if they remain unresolved after a specified period of time.


As the admin for AW Computing, you get lots of requests to help streamline processes and boost efficiency. And with your Awesome Admin skills, you deliver on those requests. The company has a brand-new vice president of services, Noah Larkin, and he’s anxious to make some productivity-enhancing changes. He’s asked for your help changing how his team handles cases.

The support team’s productivity and customer satisfaction are both high priorities for Noah. To that end, he wants separate processes for handling product support cases and customer inquiries. He’d like the processes to track new, working, and closed cases for both product support and customer inquiries. And he also wants agents to specify the type of case or inquiry they’re logging.

To help support users create, manage, and resolve cases and inquiries more quickly, you can create support processes.

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Add a User

Before you get going on that, add Noah Larkin as a user.

  1. From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box and select Users.
  2. Click New User and enter the details.
    First Name
    Last Name
    (fill in your own email)
    nlarkin@your initials plus your favorite (for example,
    Vice President of Services
    AW Computing
    Customer Support, North America
    User License
    Salesforce Platform
  3. Click Save.

Create Processes

Now create a product support process.

  1. From Setup, enter Support Processes in the Quick Find box and select Support Processes.
  2. Click New and complete the field details.
    • Existing Support Process: Master
    • Support Process Name: Product Support Process
    • Description: Process for logging product support cases
  3. Click Save.
  4. Leave the Case Status section as is and click Save.

Next, create an inquiry support process.

  1. Click New and complete the field details.
    • Existing Support Process: Master
    • Support Process Name: Inquiry Process
    • Description: Process for logging customer inquiry cases
  2. Click Save.
  3. Leave the Case Status as is and click Save.

Now add picklist values to the standard Type field.

  1. From Setup, click Object Manager and select Case.
  2. Click Fields & Relationships, then click Type.
  3. In the Case Type Picklist Values section, click New. Enter these values, each on a new line.
    • Product Specifications
    • Shipping
    • WarrantyCase Type screen highlighting the new picklist values added to the entry field.
  4. Click Save.

You’ve gotten the ball rolling by creating product support and customer inquiry processes. Now let’s continue to help Noah’s team be more efficient by creating record types.

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