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Provide Great Service and Inspire Customer Loyalty

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the value of customer service.
  • Describe some ways Salesforce makes your team more productive.

What Is Customer Service with Salesforce?

Salesforce makes it easy to provide great customer service no matter where your customers – or your service agents – are. With your customer data in the cloud, it’s available from any place so that anyone on your team can help customers 24/7.

To get help, customers contact you on their favorite communication channels. Or your service agents can reach out to your customers first with proactive service.

  • Cases - Regardless of how a customer contacts you, their request for help arrives as a case in Salesforce. You can also create cases with a few clicks. Cases track everything about customer issues and help you see a complete view and history of each customer so you can personalize responses ASAP.

  • Knowledge Articles - To help you solve cases, you can store and share helpful info in a knowledge base that customers can also access for self-service. Knowledge articles can include answers to frequent questions, service procedures, how-to’s, FAQs, and more.

  • Service Console – To maximize productivity, you can switch to the Service Console help desk to work off of lists of incoming cases and multi-task issues across different channels simultaneously.

A case and Knowledge article in the Service Console.

As your service needs and team expand, you can add channels, such as email, social media, and more. You can also add features like automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to guide your team through your service processes.

Salesforce offers you easy-to-use tools so that you can help your customers quickly and keep them happy. 

Do You Need Salesforce for Service?

Even if you have the best product or service in the world, your customers judge you by how well they’re supported. If they can’t get help to solve a problem, or reach someone to answer a question, they take their business elsewhere. The quality of your service determines whether or not your customers stick around.   

  • Fumbling customers’ names?

  • Can’t look up what they’ve purchased?

  • Responding a week after they seek help?

Customers are loyal to brands that provide the best possible service, and great service doesn’t have to be hard. If your customer data is front and center—and easy to retrieve during each customer interaction—you build loyalty and trust.

Provide your team with easy-to-use tools to help your customers. Make yourself available and show your customers that you care about them. Give your customers a positive, consistent experience no matter where or how they communicate with you, and you’ll have customers for life. Let’s look at how to do this.    

How Salesforce Makes Your Customers Happy

Customers love having their problems solved quickly. Here are some ways Salesforce makes that happen.

  • Offer support everywhere and on any device. Connect with customers where they are — phone, email, SMS text, social media, webchat, web communities, messaging apps like WhatsApp, and more. Seamlessly switch conversations to any channel customers prefer to give them the best experience possible.

  • Send immediate responses to show that you care. Let customers know that you’ve received their issue by sending them automatic updates and messages. Personalize responses with customizable templates that give customers an ETA on an answer, solution, appointment, or field visit.

  • Auto-escalate important issues before they become emergencies. Add automatic workflows that flag key customers or concerns and forward them to managers by specific dates or times. Keep track of the status of critical service situations to prevent them from becoming nightmares.

How Salesforce Improves Service Agent Productivity

Productive service agents help more customers and make a good impression on your brand. Here are a few ways Salesforce makes your team more productive.

  • Support all channels from one screen. No matter how your customers contact you, your agents review and respond to each inquiry from one unified help desk called the Service Console. No fiddling with lots of windows. No endless scrolling or clicking to get to the next customer or channel. Everything agents need is right before them so they can focus on customers, not technology.

  • Route issues to the right person. Instead of guessing who should answer each question from which channel, automatically route all customers to the right agents, every time. Also, let integrated processes figure out priorities, workloads, and agent skills before connecting an agent with a customer.

  • Track key metrics for improvement. To find ways to upgrade your service, view regular snapshots of your team’s average first response times, average customer wait times, total customer interactions, and more. Make major and minor service decisions based on data.

    Service metrics and automatic service recommendations in Salesforce.

Salesforce gives you the tools you need to wow your customers and make your service team incredibly productive. With each customer’s data available during any interaction, your team can ensure customer success more easily.


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