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Make the Move to Digital Two-Way Messaging

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Summarize why two-way mobile messaging is the future of customer service.
  • Explain the clear business value for two-way mobile messaging.
  • Explain why Salesforce is the leader in providing the path for two-way mobile messaging

Say Goodbye to “Hold, Please” and Hello to the Mobile Messaging Era

Sure, we still call them phones, but the truth is, now most people use them for everything but phone calls. Messaging has become the favorite way mobile, connected customers communicate. And the numbers don’t lie: 23 billion text messages are sent worldwide every day, according to sellcell, and texts to consumers have a 98% open and read rate, according to Sender. Text messaging provides two-way, direct, immediate, and personal relationships. That’s why customers use it in their personal lives, and why they want the same instant messaging conversation with companies.

Why Two-Way Mobile Messaging Is the Future of Customer Service

Imagine if you could text a fashion boutique inquiring about your order status or return options. What if you could send a Facebook message to your bank to report a stolen credit card—and the bank could respond within seconds? Mobile messaging basically makes the hold button obsolete, and gives customers answers to their questions in record time (also known as awesome service).

So let’s get into the benefits of two-way messaging.

  • The cost is lower than voice calls, reducing cost per customer interaction
  • Agents can handle multiple messages at the same time
  • Call volume is reduced. In fact, Salesforce has seen call volumes go down by 15–30%
  • ROI gets a boost from all the cost saving and added efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction soars with agents delivering a personalized conversational experience—fast

Unlock the Power of Service Cloud Messaging for Customer Service

We’ve shown that people want to message with businesses the same way they do with their friends: in a quick and conversational way. Now every business can. Service Cloud Messaging empowers companies to engage with customers through the messaging apps they love—all powered by Service Cloud, the world’s number one customer service platform.

Service Cloud Messaging brings service to customers right where they want it most: on their mobile device using any message app. Now, agents can connect with customers on Facebook or SMS directly through the agent desktop. And they can do it all through the existing customer care 1-800 line. Plus the agent never has to leave the agent desktop, so these interactions never leave the Salesforce environment. With Service Cloud Messaging you can:

  • Move from transactions to conversations and even speak emoji.
  • Use service chatbots for data gathering and simple FAQs, letting agents focus on more complex issues.
  • Reduce call volume, operational costs, and boost customer satisfaction.

Learn how NCR Silver replaced 20% of calls with Messaging, improved first call resolution by 12%, and reduced labor costs from 81 hours to 3.6 hours.

Watch to see how to turn every agent into a messaging superstar.


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