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Deliver Personalized On-Site Service with Field Service

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the mobile worker.
  • Summarize why Field Service is relevant to your mobile workforce and the tools at your disposal.
  • Define the metrics that are most important to field service managers.

On-Site Service: A Primer on the Players

Field service is much more than just sending someone out into the field with a clipboard and a truck. Field service management is a complex organization of work tasks that need to be performed on-site. In the end, great field service takes a collaboration among several individuals.

They include:

  • The customer who makes the service request for a product that requires support
  • The agent who receives the service request and creates a work order
  • The dispatcher who ensures that the right work is assigned to the right mobile employee based on schedules, expertise, and location
  • The mobile field worker who receives the work order and actually makes the on-site visit to complete the job

Meet the Mobile Worker, Your Newest Brand Ambassador

While stellar field service depends on many factors, at the end of the day, you’re really measured on the quality of the individual service you provide to each and every customer.

The mobile worker is a vital part of the field service process. They’re usually the most closely connected to powering a positive customer experience. Their interactions with customers can make or break the experience. To ensure they’re on the right path to making customers happy, remote employees need access to work orders and other key information on the go, including real-time job updates, schedules, inventory, and customer information so that they’re always working off of the most current information.

Turn Your Mobile Worker into a Hero

To increase first-time and fix-rate numbers, field agents must have everything they need to get the job done quickly and effectively, right from their mobile device. Your field agents may not always have the answer to every single problem, but with the power of mobility (and even offline connectivity to records and information), these technicians can be connected to the right reports, resources, and experts from anywhere at any time.

What does this mean for your business? No more scheduling a follow-up appointment with the customer due to lack of information in the field. Unfortunately, current field service technology has fallen short in fulfilling the needs of mobile workers—until now.

Field Service Agent Desktop and Mobile Experience

Get to Know Field Service

With Field Service, all your call center agents, dispatchers, and mobile employees can work together on the same platform. It gives mobile employees the power to tap into job information, deliver updates, and quickly collaborate on the go, even offline. The information they need is in the palm of their hands.

Let’s take a look at how Field Service makes your customer service team work smarter and more productively—from the call center to the field.

Scheduling: Get the right field agents where they need to be, when they need to be there. 

The smart scheduling feature in Field Service automatically optimizes scheduling, so that you can get the most out of every mobile worker’s day, and get them where they need to be on time. With skills-based routing, your agents are assigned tasks based on their particular skill set. And when they’re already on the move, dispatchers can view all scheduled appointments, see alerts for issues, and track where agents are. So businesses can direct exactly where their mobile workers need to go to keep wait times down and productivity up.

Work orders: Get key customer insights. 

With Field Service, the service agent has a full view of the customer and their needs. This means they can create work orders that are mobile, connected, and fully integrated in other areas of the business and CRM, including accounts, contacts, assets, cases, entitlements, and service contracts.

Connect: Create a virtual contact center in the field. 

Bring the information and power of your contact center directly to your mobile workforce right in the Field Service app, so workers can instantly view vital customer information, deliver updates, access knowledge articles, and collaborate with product experts on the go.


As we all know, cellular connections can be flakey (or nonexistent). So to guarantee functionality anywhere, we built the app to assume that you have no connection to the Internet. Since the app works offline, we added functionality to sync back up with your Salesforce data once you’re back online, and even handle conflicts in the updates when you’re back online.

Information capture: Get the job done on-site, even without cell phone connection.

Because Field Service is built offline first, mobile employees can capture signatures, product barcodes, or register new opportunities no matter where the job takes them. They can instantly access information, and even make updates offline. As soon as their phone connects with a signal, the data is instantly uploaded to the Salesforce platform.

Watch this demo to see firsthand how Field Service connects your mobile workforce to deliver intelligent, on-site service.


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