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Meet Public Sector Solutions

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the challenges that government agencies face today.
  • Explain how Public Sector Solutions helps to address those challenges.
  • Name and describe the prebuilt apps that come with Public Sector Solutions.

What Is Public Sector Solutions?

Government agencies around the world struggle with paperwork, complicated rules, and delays. Public Sector Solutions, however, transforms the way government agencies work and engage with constituents.

Based on the Salesforce Platform and Service Cloud, Public Sector Solutions provides a data model, business logic, and OmniStudio components that streamline government processes. It enables agencies to work more effectively, and equips governments for a future of digital innovation in service to constituents. Public Sector Solutions offers flexible, scalable, and secure tools tailored for the delivery of government services. Process license and permit applications, conduct inspections and assessments, administer social programs, respond to crises, or disburse grants.

In this module, we explore the many organizational and operational challenges that governments face today, and how Public Sector Solutions addresses them. We look at the tailor-made apps that comprise Public Sector Solutions, the problems they solve, and how Public Sector Solutions integrates with Salesforce Einstein 1. 

Finally, we explore the different types of governments, government agencies, and roles that can benefit from using Public Sector Solutions. Whether you’re considering implementing Public Sector Solutions or you already have, you can gain a deeper understanding of its transformative power in helping you meet your agency’s goals. 

Challenges to Meeting the Mission

Today, government agencies face challenges from all directions as they strive to meet their missions. 

Operationally, governments are experiencing rapidly shifting priorities. Various crises, such as natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and public health emergencies force agencies to take on new and different responsibilities and deliver services with unprecedented agility. Legislative initiatives and public ballots constantly change which agencies receive funding and how much they receive. And agencies increasingly need to collaborate with one another across sectors. In the US, for example, local health departments send disease case data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

IT systems and processes also present many challenges. Legacy systems must be modernized, which is costly. And all systems face increasing cybersecurity threats that require the constant attention of trained cybersecurity personnel. Systems must operate in highly regulated conditions that safeguard constituent privacy but can't operate in disconnected silos.

Within the workforce, government agencies constantly recruit and upskill employees. The shift to digital systems and processes drives up demand for tech-savvy government workers in cybersecurity, as we've mentioned, and in systems integration, administration, and UX. At the same time, the work environment has been decentralized, presenting challenges on when and how to accommodate and manage remote employees.

Finally, constituents both experience the impact of these challenges and present their own. Constituents demand the same level of customer service they receive in the private sector, such as 24/7 access to services, connected services across agencies, and transparency into and communication about processes and decisions. And they also worry about how their private data is used and stored.

Overcome the Challenges

How does Public Sector Solutions help address these challenges? Great question. Public Sector Solutions is:

  • Fast: Deploy prebuilt apps, integrations, and data models in weeks, not months or years, so you can keep up with demand for services even when priorities shift unexpectedly.
  • Trusted and secure: Support mission-critical processes and constituent experiences on a secure and compliant platform that’s built on the world's #1 CRM.
  • Flexible and scalable: Configure and customize Public Sector Solutions for your agencies and constituents when and where you need to. Deliver desktop and mobile experiences and use analytics to make better decisions, modernize the constituent experience, and help employees be more productive.
  • Digital-first: Integrate data from multiple systems into a single source of truth so that you can deliver personalized services to constituents faster, more efficiently, and more transparently than ever.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Now let’s find out more about the prebuilt apps that come with Public Sector Solutions and what those apps can do for you. 

License and Permit Management

The License and Permit Management app

Use the License and Permit Management app to process and issue licenses and permits for businesses and individual constituents, digitally and at scale. Design dynamic application forms and publish them on a public portal, where constituents can easily submit and track applications. 

Create automated review and approval processes that notify employees about upcoming tasks and recommend next steps, and make sure that critical actions such as inspections aren’t missed. With the License and Permit Management app, you can serve constituents at scale, increase their satisfaction, and help your communities grow. 

Inspection Management

The Inspection Management Mobile app.

Use the Inspection Management app to conduct and manage inspections and assessments for routine compliance, license and permit applications, and public complaints. Whether inspections are onsite or virtual, Inspection Management gives inspectors the information they need to conduct assessments efficiently and accurately. 

Details of scheduled visits, accounts, applications, and even lookups to the regulatory code that inspectors check for compliance are easily available. Use assigned tasks and checklists to stay focused and complete all the required steps. Upload photos of your observations, and share recommended actions with constituents who need to fix violations. 

You get desktop and mobile versions of the app, and the ability to create records offline, which you can then sync to your Salesforce org when back online. With Inspection Management, inspectors stay productive anywhere and everywhere, elevating compliance, public safety, and constituent satisfaction. 

Emergency Program Management

Emergency Program Management helps public sector agencies to quickly prioritize and mobilize resources during a crisis. Using your public portal, give constituents real-time updates, provide online applications for emergency services, and organize volunteers. Use collaboration tools, notifications, and business automation to accelerate review and approval processes for emergency services and aid. Empower field response workers with planning, tracking, scheduling, and service execution tools that they can use on a mobile device. 

Grants Program Management

The Grants Program Management add-on.

Track, manage, and distribute grants with ease, efficiency, and visibility across the entire funding lifecycle. Grants Program Management, a Public Sector Solutions add-on package, provides a single, unified system to qualify applicants, distribute funds, and generate reports. Simplify processes and allow for greater collaboration among staff, applicants, and program managers. Enable grantseekers to easily find funding opportunities, apply for funding, track their application status, and submit ongoing progress reports.

Employee Experience for Public Sector

The Employee Experience app.

Employee Experience for Public Sector is a digital administrative hub for the hybrid workplace. Streamline HR and IT processes with digital forms, create automated processes for service requests, and provide self-service resources for employees, all in a unified, secure, and scalable workspace. 

In this unit, you learned about the many challenges that government agencies face today, and how Public Sector Solutions can help meet those challenges. You also learned about the out-of-the-box apps that you can deploy quickly to begin your digital transformation with Public Sector Solutions. In the next unit, you learn how Public Sector Solutions fits into Salesforce Einstein 1, and ways you can use it at different levels of government. 


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