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Get to Know Prompt Builder

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify what makes a prompt effective.
  • List the prompt template types available in Prompt Builder.
  • Discuss the importance of the Einstein Trust Layer.

Prompts, Templates, and Prompt Builder

Generative AI has taken the consumer world by storm. From summarizing 500-page books in seconds to creating digital art to planning vacations, generative AI has simplified many tasks. Business leaders, too, are looking for ways to use generative AI to accelerate productivity in sales, marketing, service, and beyond.

This is the power and possibility of generative AI, and it all starts with effective prompts. Prompts are the way you communicate with the large language models (LLMs) behind every generative technology. If you’ve already taken the Prompt Fundamentals module, you know that designing an effective prompt is key to unlocking the benefits of generative AI.

What does effective mean? With an LLM, one thing it usually means is specific to your needs, your goals, and your customers. Here’s an example. Let’s use DreamStudio, a popular image generation platform, to redesign a game room. The generative output differs dramatically when you provide specificity and context.

Prompt: Design my game room.

A basic game room with a pool table and an orange recliner.

Prompt: Design my game room with a ping pong table. Styled with a neon color scheme.

An illuminated neon game room with a ping pong table and neon signage.

So, specific prompts lead to effective prompts. But getting specific can be a challenge for your business, because it requires you to add your business data to a prompt. How do you do that for every customer or product? And is your business data safe? This challenge is where Prompt Builder and the Einstein Trust Layer come in.

Prompt Builder helps you make effective prompts that safely connect you and your data with LLMs. Use Prompt Builder to securely build, test, and fine-tune reusable prompt templates that can power fast, AI-enabled workflows across your business.

With Prompt Builder, you can create reusable, templated solutions for common business workflows, from emails to descriptions, summaries, and much more. For Prompt Builder, these prompt templates securely access Salesforce data via merge fields, Flow, Data Cloud, and even Apex.

Throughout this module, you learn how you can use Prompt Builder to create and customize a variety of prompt templates. These include templates to connect AI-assisted workflows to custom fields within Salesforce records, draft and revise personalized emails, or create your own custom prompt template types.

  • Sales Email prompt templates help your team draft truly personalized emails for your customers, products, and events based on record data.
  • Field Generation prompt templates bring generative AI-assisted workflows to custom fields within a Salesforce record.
  • Record Summary prompt templates (Copilot) creates a rich-text summary for a Salesforce record based on the record’s data.
  • Flex prompt templates generate content for business purposes not covered by other prompt template types, allowing you to define your own resources.

But Is It Secure?

At Salesforce, we understand that when AI is coupled with real-time data, security is even more important. Prompt Builder uses the Einstein Trust Layer to build secure, trusted prompts to avoid sending sensitive information to LLMs.

Diagram showing how your prompt moves through a variety of secure steps to ensure trust at each point along the way, from when you write it to when you receive a response.

When you generate a response from a prompt built in Prompt Builder, the prompt is sent to the Einstein Trust Layer, which masks any sensitive data before sending it to the LLM. When prompts are sent to external models through the shared trust boundary, your data is encrypted to ensure its security in transit. Additionally, any sensitive information within the prompts are masked.

Finally, based on the “zero retention” standard, your data is never stored outside of Salesforce. For more information, check out the module Einstein Trust Layer.


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