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Get to Know Marketing AI

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the core tenets of Salesforce Marketing AI.
  • Understand Marketing AI opportunities and use cases.

What Is Marketing AI?

Marketing AI brings breakthrough AI innovation to the #1 marketing platform to fuel creativity, unlock efficiency, and redefine the limits of personalization. Marketing AI, the leader in AI for marketing, features new generative AI capabilities, leaning into the future of marketing AI, and showcasing nearly two dozen AI features to help you effectively reach your audience.

Some core tenets around the new generative AI capabilities of Marketing AI include content creation, scaling AI, conversational interface, and trust. Here’s the scoop on each of them.

  • Content creation: With Marketing AI, you can unlock efficiency with content and campaign creation. This can save countless hours on everything from writing campaign briefs to creating segments and content to optimizing performance, with Marketing AI infused across the campaign lifecycle.
  • Scaling AI: AI helps you increase productivity, improve your marketing metrics, and access useful insights. There are already a number of AI capabilities embedded in Marketing AI, from segmentation and orchestration to product and content testing. But now you can find additional capabilities—like segment generation and email content generation—that improve customer engagement, conversions, and overall marketing effectiveness. (For more information, see the Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Cloud trail.)
  • Conversational interface with technology: With Marketing AI, you can use natural language conversational prompts to manage each stage of the campaign lifecycle more efficiently. By simplifying the way you interact with technology, you can more easily get answers to complex data-driven questions about planning and performance, and scale text and visual content variations for testing and personalization. And you can get more from your trusted first-party data, applications, and complementary AI models to scale personalization to limits.
  • Trusted content from your CRM data: Marketing AI allows you to verify everything created by generative AI before it goes out to your customers. That’s part of the Salesforce commitment to building trust, honesty, and safety into our generative AI-powered products. And because Marketing AI uses trusted first-party data that you collect with customer consent and purposeful approval workflows, its model outputs are uniquely more personal, accurate, and valuable to your business and your consumers.

AI is here to help you, not replace you. With AI that always works in partnership with you, Einstein learns your brand, understands your needs, and builds more trust to help you deliver those magical customer experiences that differentiate your brand. Marketing AI is natively built on the world’s #1 CRM, and is part of the Salesforce Customer 360 with Sales, Service, and Commerce, along with Data Cloud, Tableau, Slack, and MuleSoft.

Uses for Marketing AI

Think about the creativity and efficiencies that can be unlocked with generative AI! Einstein powers content creation founded on trust and enriched with your own trusted first-party data. This empowers you to feel incredibly confident that the content is accurate and secure. You can reach new levels of creativity as trusted customer data informs things like campaign strategy, audiences, and content. And you can gain efficiencies as Einstein enables campaigns, saving you countless hours on every step of the campaign lifecycle.

Marketing AI offers your business a powerful and accessible tool for incorporating Einstein into your marketing strategies. By providing trusted models, customization options, and workflows for trust, you can create high-quality plans, content, and campaigns quickly and efficiently, freeing up resources and accelerating personalization at scale. 


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