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Deliver Digital Transformation with Industries CPQ

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify examples of communications industry business transformation goals supported by Industries CPQ.
  • Explain three key ways to implement Industries CPQ in Communications Cloud for business transformation.
  • Describe some challenges, processes, and goals in an Industries CPQ implementation.

Let’s Go!

At Infiwave, Sophia’s team is excited to get started with Industries CPQ and has been asking what’s next in the implementation. When Sophia asks her boss, he throws in some mysterious phrases like “greenfield transformation” and “cloud hosting.” Sophia scratches her head and decides to do a bit more research before heading back to her team.

Approaches to CPQ Implementation

You can choose from different approaches to implement Industries CPQ. Infiwave is currently using custom-built, on-premises CRM and CPQ systems. Soon they'll implement Industries CPQ. 

What are you using in your organization? Click on each solution to discover its pros and cons.

Industries CPQ offers time and cost efficiencies in terms of implementation and maintenance. It also gives you flexibility to meet your business goals. These are powerful incentives to digitally transform your organization. But where to start? 

Let’s look at the options, and how other organizations in your industry have digitally transformed their business with Industries CPQ.

Digital Transformation with Industries CPQ

How you digitally transform with Industries CPQ depends on many factors, including your business goals, legacy systems, and the potential impact to your organization. At a high level, businesses typically undertake digital transformation using one of three approaches: digital customer experience transformation, evolutionary transformation, or greenfield transformation. Let’s take a closer look at each approach.

Digital Customer Experience

With a digital customer experience transformation, Industries CPQ integrates with the existing systems in an organization. Use this approach when the business has a specific customer-focused goal, such as improving customer self-service across specific product families in a short time.


An evolutionary transformation introduces Industries CPQ as the first phase of a longer-term program that eventually phases in replacement of legacy systems with the appropriate industry cloud. This approach gives you short-term business wins with low risk to drive long-term digital transformation success.


Use a greenfield transformation approach to implement Industries CPQ as part of a greenfield business-support system (BSS) solution. In this case, you implement the industry cloud in its entirety from day one. Use this approach when your business wants to introduce an entirely new product family and can build all relevant systems starting with a clean slate. It’s quick, with end-to-end systems typically implemented in under a year because the implementation team makes the most of prebuilt integrations.

Careful Choices

Digital transformation isn’t just about rolling out new software. Consider all aspects of your structure and process, from your product model through your business processes and business culture. Click the tabs to read about digital transformation case studies with Industries CPQ in different industries.

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