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Explore the Google and Salesforce Integrations

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the pillars of the Salesforce partnership with Google.
  • Explain the use cases for Salesforce-Google integrations.

A Relationship for Your Customer Relationships

Together, Salesforce and Google enable businesses to make more insightful decisions, act faster, and drive better business outcomes using their data—whether it comes from marketing, sales, service, or commerce. Often, it’s a lot of data to sift through, which is why this platform integration is so impactful. 

Our partnership is grounded in three primary pillars.

Data Integration

Artificial Intelligence

Data Activation

We’re not only focusing on connecting all your data sources, but we’re focusing on activating that data to work smarter for you, your teams, and ultimately your customers!

Learn About Google + Salesforce Use Cases

To help you understand all the offerings of Google + Salesforce, check out this table.




Data Cloud + BigQuery

Unify and harmonize your data to create a single view of the customer, through real-time data sharing—no extract, load, transform (ELT) needed.

Marketing Cloud + Sales Cloud + Google Analytics

Connect your marketing, sales, and website data to better engage your customers and gain deeper insights about the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Tableau + BigQuery

Create actionable insights for your business users using native integrations with Google BigQuery.

MuleSoft + Google Cloud

Achieve the benefits of MuleSoft while also providing the productivity and security benefits of using your existing cloud environment to manage your integration platform.

Salesforce & Slack + Google Workspace

Increase employee productivity by making Salesforce workflows available in the productivity tools your employees use every day (Calendar, Email, Sheets, Drive).


Data Cloud (Einstein Studio) + Vertex AI

Bring your own AI model to drive hyper-personalization, accelerate decision-making, simplify access to customer data for model training, and realize the value of your existing AI investments faster.


Data Cloud for Marketing + Google Ads

Build trusted relationships and improve marketing performance with first-party activation and insights.

Google Local Inventory Ads + Commerce Cloud

Empower businesses to show local shopper products they're looking for with Google Local Inventory Ads (LIA).

Salesforce and Google are committed to serving our mutual customers, which is why we're constantly innovating together. As AI adoption surges, 80% of IT leaders acknowledge its capacity to unlock value in their data, the lifeblood of today's business. However, 41% say their data is too complex or inaccessible to be useful. All our new integrations with Google will help organizations of all sizes overcome these challenges, implement AI across their business, and drive better customer experiences.


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