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+1,700 points

Integrate Salesforce and Google Platforms

Explore Salesforce and Google integrations for marketing, sales, analytics, and productivity.

~3 hrs 30 mins
+400 points

Salesforce and Google Partnership

Market smarter and boost productivity with our leading platform integrations.

~45 mins
+300 points

Google Analytics 360 Integration for Sales Cloud

Combine offline and online data for better insights and deeper customer relationships.

~30 mins
+200 points

Tableau and Google BigQuery Optimization

Learn how to improve query performance and big data analytics in a no-code environment.

~20 mins
+300 points

Salesforce, Gmail, and Google Calendar Integration

Help reps track customer interactions and work their Salesforce deals directly in Gmail and Google Calendar.

~40 mins
~3 hrs 30 mins