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Create a Rollout Strategy

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify factors that contribute to a successful rollout.
  • Decide which Einstein for Service features will work best for your team.
  • Learn how Einstein for Service features work together.

Define Where You Are

Sita, CEO of Ursa Major Solar, is hooked on the idea of Einstein for Service, but she’s still not sure where to start. The company’s COO, Roberto Alvarez, suggests she make a rollout strategy so adoption goes as smoothly as possible. Roberto outlines his recommended phases for rolling out a product.

Phase Tasks


  • List current challenges.
  • Identify goals and priorities.
  • Figure out the tools you need.
  • Define what success looks like.
  • Clean your data.


  • Set up features.
  • Stick with the plan.
  • Make adjustments as things pop up.


  • Maintain features.
  • Evaluate progress periodically.

According to Roberto’s advice, Sita must first find and analyze the different challenges her service agents and customers face. She decides to ask her product support specialist, Ada Balewa, what she thinks can be improved during the work day. 

Ada loves Ursa Major Solar, so it’s hard for her to pinpoint exactly where the support team could use some… well, support. However, she knows that her agents struggle at times to keep up with the rising demand for speed and efficiency. She decides to do some research.  

After sending out a survey to all agents and getting some one-on-one feedback, Ada has identified the support team’s top challenges. Here are some common challenges agents face.

Challenge Description Einstein for Service Feature

Hard to strategize support time

Support agents often get caught up doing monotonous busywork. Today, agents need to categorize the case before sending it to an appropriate agent who’s equipped to solve a particular inquiry. This can take valuable time that can be spent with the customer. 

Einstein Case Classification: This feature predicts field values for agents when a case is created. The predictions are based on data from cases. 

Einstein Case Routing: This feature uses your existing case routing logic to route cases that have been auto-updated by Einstein Case Classification. 

Closing cases takes time away from helping customers
At the end of a customer chat, agents must finish up the case before they can move on to helping the next customer.

Einstein Case Wrap-Up: Einstein suggests values for case fields so that chat agents can focus on the customer and less on completing case summaries.

Too much time is spent on other apps looking for the “right” reply

Every customer is unique and so are their messages. Company-to-customer communication isn’t always streamlined, and customers can end up receiving different answers for the same question. To avoid this, agents spend a lot of time talking to other agents, writing sticky notes, or switching from template to template.

Einstein Reply Recommendations: Agents receive recommendations on how to respond to a customer. These replies are preapproved by admins, and can be personalized by the agent before being sent to a customer. 

Difficulty in filtering help content 

There are tons of knowledge articles in your Salesforce org. When a customer has a question that your agent can’t answer off the top of their head, this might be the first place they go to. With all the articles to sort through, this can lengthen the time it takes to close a case. 

Einstein Article Recommendations: Agents receive article recommendations from their knowledge base when a case is created or updated. Your agents can either read these articles for themselves, or send them directly to customers.

Lacking email responses to CSAT surveys

Agents rely on CSAT scores to develop and strengthen their customer relations. 

Einstein Next Best Action: When an agent helps a customer, they are prompted by Einstein to send a CSAT survey as soon as the case is closed. 

What are some challenges your agents face? Map them to these Einstein for Service solutions to see what features can work for you. 

Identify Goals and Priorities

With a few challenges in mind, Sita and Roberto are ready for the drawing board. The need to answer some key questions, like: What are their goals for the next quarter? What are some of Ursa Major Solar’s priorities? 

They list their top four goals right away. 

  1. Help agents do less busy work.

  2. Streamline case to case communication and make it easier to find information on how to respond to inquiries.

  3. Organize help content.

  4. Increase CSAT scores.

Next, they list Ursa Major Solar’s priorities.

  1. Trust

  2. Customer Success

  3. Innovation

  4. Equality

With these in mind, Sita and Roberto already have a good idea of which Einstein tools they plan to use. Let’s follow their journey as they determine how they measure progress along the way.

Determine Metrics to Measure Success

Now that you have set goals and clear priorities, you can determine what success looks like for your rollout. Roberto has identified very specific metrics to measure Ursa Major Solar’s successful Einstein for Service rollout. Let’s take a look.

Einstein for Service Tool(s)
Measure of Success

Reduce the time agents have to spend on busywork.

Einstein Case Classification, Einstein Case Routing, Einstein Case Wrap-Up 

Time to close a case decreases by 3 hours. 

Guide agents on what to say next based on real-time context through automated templates.

Einstein Reply Recommendations

Number of conversations with at least one reply recommendation increases by 10%.

Save time searching for the best help articles to resolve issues.

Einstein Article Recommendations

Number of closed cases with at least one article recommendation attached increases by 10%.

Increase CSAT survey responses. 

Einstein Next Best Action

Customer satisfaction score responses (CSS) increase by 20%.

Salesforce can capture these metrics in your dashboard, and provide easy-to-read charts. Roberto can even make custom report types to keep Sita and all of her agents in the loop. These metrics and reports are essential to improving team strategies as time goes on. 


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