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Deliver Smarter Service with Artificial Intelligence

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the value of Einstein for Service.
  • Describe some key features that make teams more productive.

What Is Einstein for Service?

Salesforce Einstein is the first integrated, comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) solution for CRM. It’s a smart tool aimed to increase productivity and efficiency for service agents. Einstein for Service makes AI easy to use because it's built right into your service channels, customer data, and case management systems in Salesforce Service Cloud.

Think of Einstein as a smart assistant or an extra helping hand. When applied to customer service, it can perform and automate tasks for any individual, group, or team. 

With just a few clicks, you can set up predictions, recommendations, and next-best actions that help your agents deliver faster, better service. For example, reduce manual data entry for agents, and the possibility of mistakes, by predicting case field values. Einstein for Service is a collection of features that can help fine-tune various aspects of your service delivery and scale your service operations.

To see Einstein for Service, check out this video.

Solve Customer Problems with AI

Imagine if you could free up some time for your service agents so they can focus more on high-priority cases. Think about how effective your service team could be if you offloaded some of their routine tasks to a smart assistant that could deliver real-time results. AI helps service agents and their customers quickly solve problems like these:  

  • Agents and teams can’t find the right knowledge articles.
  • Agents mistype data and route cases to the wrong person or teams.
  • Agents can’t find approved responses for use in chat and messaging conversations with customers.

You can help your agents help your customers by turning on a few Einstein for Service features that increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness. With a smart assistant, agents make fewer mistakes, they find relevant information faster, and your service processes are easily enforced.

Let’s look at how it works.      

How Einstein for Service Improves Customer Service

Here are some ways Einstein for Service lets agents focus more on customers. 

Business Case

Enhance self-service and scale support.

Einstein Bots: Automates common questions or processes, and collects case details for a seamless agent handoff.

Increased customer satisfaction (CSAT) and case deflection, and decreased average handle time (AHT).

Boost productivity for agents and admins. 

Einstein Case Classification and Routing: Eliminates manual data entry for agents by predicting case fields and routing cases to the right team.

Increased agent productivity, decreased case transfers and escalations.

Close cases quickly at the end of a chat.

Einstein Case Wrap-Up: Einstein suggests values for case fields so that chat agents can focus on the customer and less on completing case summaries.

Increased productivity and more time to focus on the customer.

Decrease time spent searching for answers.

Einstein Article Recommendations: Surfaces the most relevant knowledge articles to answer customers’ questions.

Increased first call resolution (FCR) and CSAT.

Eliminate time spent typing responses to the most common customer questions.

Einstein Reply Recommendations: Surfaces common, approved responses that agents can easily use in chat and messaging conversations with customers 

Increased agent productivity and CSAT.

Deliver recommendations at the point of maximum impact.

Einstein Next Best Action: Delivers contextual, real-time recommendations, such as service alerts or cross-sell/upsell offers to agents 

Increased agent productivity, FCR, and revenue generation.

Einstein for Service Features

Here is a snapshot of Einstein for Service features.

  • Einstein Bots—automatically resolves common issues in conversations on chat and messaging channels.
  • Einstein Case Classification—predicts field values like Priority, Reason, or Type, for classifying incoming cases based on the text a customer presents from cases’ Subject and Description.
  • Einstein Case Routing—works with Einstein Case Classification to triage and route cases to the right agent or queue.
  • Einstein Case Wrap-Up—lets chat agents complete cases fast, with greater accuracy and consistency.
  • Einstein Article Recommendations—recommends relevant knowledge articles to agents on open cases.
  • Einstein Reply Recommendations—analyzes chat transcripts to recommend relevant replies during chat and messaging sessions.
  • Einstein Next Best Action—uses data insights and business rules to recommend offers and actions for an agent to take. For example, it can recommend an offer for a customer with high-attrition risk, upsell a product when a customer meets the requirements, or send subscription reminders.

With a better understanding of Einstein for Service’s capabilities, and its features, you’re ready to add an extra helping hand to your service team and customers.     


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