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Connect and Contribute to the AppExchange Community

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to connect with other experts on AppExchange.
  • List the elements of a helpful review.
  • Discuss ways to manage your solutions.
  • Explain how to connect with AppExchange on social media.

Follow Along with Trail Together

Want to follow along with an expert as you work through this step? Take a look at this video, part of the Trail Together series.

(This clip starts at the 22:56 minute mark, in case you want to rewind and watch the beginning of the step again.)

Monitor and Improve Adoption at Ursa Major

Imagine that a week has passed since you installed the Adoption Dashboards app in your test org. In that time, you continued testing the app and experimenting with its functionality. Finding that it met your needs in its default configuration, you went ahead and installed the app in production. Looking now at the User Adoption dashboard with live data, here’s what you see.

A view of the User Adoption dashboard in production with callouts on Highest # of Logins (1) and Least # of Logins (2)

On the left (1), you have a clear picture of who is logging in to Salesforce regularly. On the right (2), you see a few people who can benefit from a gentle nudge. You decide to contact them to schedule some hands-on training. You also show them Trailhead and help them sign up, so that they can get in on the learning goodness. Because Ursa Major is adding to its sales team every quarter, you decide to keep the dashboard around to monitor adoption on an ongoing basis.

Connect with AppExchange

Ursa Major employees at a party in an outdoor, solar-powered pavilion

So life is good: Using the Adoption Dashboards has helped Ursa Major achieve your 100% adoption goal. What could be better? Friends and connections, that’s what!

Want periodic updates on all things AppExchange? Sign up for our newsletter. Want to share your Ursa Major success story with others? Or learn how others are using Salesforce Adoption Dashboards? Get social with AppExchange on the Trailblazer Community to become part of our active group. Want to share your story with and learn from other audiences? Connect with AppExchange by looking us up on your favorite social media channel.

Friend or follow us to hear about news, success stories, and events like the AppExchange Demo Jam, an epic battle between our most popular offerings. Or, you know, send us selfies of your most exciting AppExchange exploits.

Get Support

What if you have questions about the Adoption Dashboards or another app that you’ve installed? First, check out the app listing’s Support section for options, such as email and Knowledge Base articles. That’s your best, direct support option.

An example app listing’s Features, Requirements, and Support section

What types of support is offered depends on the app provider. If you have issues with any app you’ve installed, contact the provider directly.

If you need additional help and the app’s listing offers Chat, you can always ask a question there.

Manage Your Solutions

Since you’re an AppExchange expert, the list of your orgs that you connect to your Trailblazer profile and the number of apps you install grows over time. Never fear! There’s an easy way to manage your installs and subscriptions.

The Open Avatar menu with a highlight on My Installs & Subscriptions

  1. In your browser, log in to AppExchange.
  2. Click your avatar.
  3. Click My Installs & Subscriptions.

The My Installs & Subscriptions page displays all the accounts that you connected to your Trailblazer account. It also displays the apps and components you installed into each of your connected accounts, and details about those installs.

The All My Installs & Subscriptions window with highlights on Viewing as (A), Filters (B), Show More (C), and More Info (D)

  1. Click Viewing as (A) to switch among your connected accounts. Just a reminder: if you’re not seeing all of your accounts that you expect to see, double-check your account permissions. Only accounts with install permissions are displayed here.
  2. Click Filters (B) to filter your installs and subscriptions by status, such as Free Installs, Paid Installs, Active Subscriptions, and Trial Subscriptions.
  3. Click the Show More arrow (C) to uninstall an app or component, or to write a review. More on reviews in the next section!
  4. Click More Info (D) to read additional details about your connected accounts and the Account Switcher.

Write a Review

In the first unit, you learned that AppExchange isn’t just a place to find cool and useful apps—it’s a community. And as a newly minted AppExchange expert, you’ve become an important part of that community. What’s your greatest accomplishment? No, it’s not your ability to find and install apps. It’s your feedback!

After you try or buy an app, or work with a consultant, share your experience in a review. By writing a review, you help AppExchange newbies and other experts understand whether an app or consultant is right for them. You also help the app provider or consultant understand what’s working and what’s not, which can drive future improvements.

To write a review, go to the Reviews tab on a listing and click Write a Review.

A sample listing Reviews tab with reviews total, Average Rating, and a Write a Review button

Anyone can write a review. But AppExchange experts know how to write great reviews. 

  • Be specific about your experience.
  • Provide detail to offer clarity and context.
  • Mention what the app is doing well, and what it can continue to improve.
  • Tie your experiences to your business outcomes.
  • Be positive, friendly, and courteous.

The Write Review window with Review Title and Comments boxes, and Cancel and Post Review buttons

Until the Next Adventure

Ursa Major employees looking at their latest innovation: a solar powered flying car

Congrats, you’ve installed a great app and are now an AppExchange expert! We’d suggest you take a vacation, but we’re guessing that’s not your style. There’s always more Trailhead to explore, and Ursa Major has major goals before year-end. Instead, we wish you well on your next admin adventure. Until next time!


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