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22 hrs 50 mins
Time to complete Trailmix
Analytics Basics badge

Analytics Basics

Uncover new insights from your business data using Analytics and the smarts of Einstein.
Analytics Dashboard Navigation badge

Analytics Dashboard Navigation

Find your way around dashboards and drill in to get the insights you need.
Desktop Analytics Exploration badge

Desktop Analytics Exploration

Learn best practices for exploring data on your desktop.
AppExchange Basics badge

AppExchange Basics

Extend the power of Salesforce with solutions and services from AppExchange.
Service Cloud for Salesforce Classic badge

Service Cloud for Salesforce Classic

Deliver extraordinary customer service with multi-channel support.
Case Feed badge

Case Feed

Gain instant visibility into the timeline of a support case with a flexible, feed-based layout.
Entitlement Management badge

Entitlement Management

Deliver on the promise of great service to your customers with rules you create.
Call Center Integration for Lightning Experience badge

Call Center Integration for Lightning Experience

Take customer calls by integrating your phone channel and service console.
Knowledge Basics for Salesforce Classic badge

Knowledge Basics for Salesforce Classic

Help employees and customers find answers fast with an online, searchable knowledge base.
Chatter for Lightning Experience badge

Chatter for Lightning Experience

Learn how to use Chatter, update your profile, and start collaborating.
Salesforce Mobile App Basics badge

Salesforce Mobile App Basics

Collaborate with your teammates on the go with the Salesforce mobile app.
Community Rollout Strategy badge

Community Rollout Strategy

Develop a strategy to build, launch, and nurture a community.
Company-Wide Org Settings badge

Company-Wide Org Settings

Learn about search, regional settings, multiple currencies, and user interface controls.
Protect Your Salesforce Data badge

Protect Your Salesforce Data

Learn how you and your users can work together to keep your data safe.
Trailmix complete!