Developer Beginner badge

Developer Beginner

Leverage your existing development skills to build apps fast on the Salesforce Platform.
Salesforce Platform Basics badge

Salesforce Platform Basics

Get introduced to the platform, navigate use cases, and build custom functionality.
Application Lifecycle Management badge

Application Lifecycle Management

Learn best practices for team app development and lifecycle management.
Lightning Components Basics badge

Lightning Components Basics

Use Lightning Components to build modern web apps with reusable UI components.
Heroku Enterprise Basics badge

Heroku Enterprise Basics

Learn the basics of how and when to use the Heroku Enterprise platform.
Build a Visualforce App with the Lightning Design System badge

Build a Visualforce App with the Lightning Design System

Design a Visualforce app that displays a Contact list.
Quick Start: Apex badge

Quick Start: Apex

Write your first Apex class.
Quick Start: Lightning Components badge

Quick Start: Lightning Components

Create your first component that renders a list of Contacts from your org.
Quick Start: Visualforce badge

Quick Start: Visualforce

Build your first Visualforce page.
Quick Start: Heroku Connect badge

Quick Start: Heroku Connect

Sync data between a Salesforce org and a Heroku Postgres database.
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