Salesforce User Basics badge

Salesforce User Basics

Get started with Salesforce and learn how to make it work for your bottom line.
CRM Basics badge

CRM Basics

Get started with Salesforce CRM and explore Lightning Experience.
Accounts & Contacts badge

Accounts & Contacts

Discover how accounts and contacts work together in Salesforce.
Leads & Opportunities badge

Leads & Opportunities

Learn how you can power your sales process with leads and opportunities in Salesforce.
Platform Development Basics badge

Platform Development Basics

Meet the tools and technologies that power development on the Salesforce platform.
AppExchange Basics badge

AppExchange Basics

Extend the power of Salesforce with solutions and services from AppExchange.
Data Modeling badge

Data Modeling

Give your data structure with objects, fields, and relationships.
Data Management badge

Data Management

Learn how to import and export data in Salesforce.
Salesforce Connect badge

Salesforce Connect

Access, display, and integrate data from an external data source in real time.
Data Security badge

Data Security

Control access to data using point-and-click security tools.
Security Basics badge

Security Basics

Educate your users, protect your Salesforce org, and encourage a culture of security.
Identity Basics badge

Identity Basics

Secure your org so users can log in once to access a variety of apps, orgs, and services.
User Management badge

User Management

Set up users and control how they can view or edit your business data.
Formulas & Validations badge

Formulas & Validations

Tailor your apps without writing code by using point-and-click logic.
Lightning Flow badge

Lightning Flow

Automate processes for every app, experience, and portal with declarative tools.
Chatter Basics for Users badge

Chatter Basics for Users

Learn how to use Chatter, update your profile, and start collaborating.
Quick Start: Lightning Components badge

Quick Start: Lightning Components

Create your first component that renders a list of Contacts from your org.
Lightning Components Basics badge

Lightning Components Basics

Use Lightning Components to build modern web apps with reusable UI components.
Lightning App Builder badge

Lightning App Builder

Build custom pages for Lightning Experience and the Salesforce mobile app quickly with point-and-click tools.
Reports & Dashboards badge

Reports & Dashboards

Build real-time reports and charts to visualize key business metrics.
Salesforce Mobile App Customization badge

Salesforce Mobile App Customization

Customize your mobile experience with the Salesforce app.
Application Lifecycle Management badge

Application Lifecycle Management

Learn best practices for team app development and lifecycle management.
Change Management badge

Change Management

Safely deploy changes by developing them like apps.
Quick Start: Build Your First App badge

Quick Start: Build Your First App

Create a simple app to track visits to your local park.
Quick Start: Lightning App Builder badge

Quick Start: Lightning App Builder

Build an app for sales reps in the field. No code required.
Quick Start: Process Builder badge

Quick Start: Process Builder

Trigger a field update when a related record is edited. No code required.
Build a Battle Station App badge

Build a Battle Station App

Build a simple project management app to construct a galactic battle station. No code required.
Build a Suggestion Box App badge

Build a Suggestion Box App

Build a simple suggestion management app. No code required.
App Customization Specialist badge

App Customization Specialist

Put your click-not-code skills to work to build an app and unlock new functionality for your company.
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