Admin Intermediate badge

Admin Intermediate

Supercharge your skills and apps by using point-and-click tools to solve common business needs.
Admin Advanced badge

Admin Advanced

Reach all star admin status by tackling more advanced Salesforce features.
Data Security badge

Data Security

Control access to data using point-and-click security tools.
Data Modeling badge

Data Modeling

Give your data structure with objects, fields, and relationships.
Apex & .NET Basics badge

Apex & .NET Basics

Discover similarities between programming in .NET and Apex, and learn the basics of starting with Apex.
Products, Quotes, & Contracts badge

Products, Quotes, & Contracts

Configure price books, templates, and contracts to help your sales reps sell products.
Knowledge Basics badge

Knowledge Basics

Help employees and customers find answers fast with an online, searchable knowledge base.
Entitlement Management badge

Entitlement Management

Deliver on the promise of great service to your customers with rules you create.
Discover Advanced Service Cloud Features badge

Discover Advanced Service Cloud Features

Learn about advanced features to deliver more amazing service to your customers.
Community Cloud Basics badge

Community Cloud Basics

Use Community Cloud to connect with your customers, partners, and employees.
Data Quality badge

Data Quality

Discover strategies for assessing and improving the quality of your data in Salesforce.
Application Lifecycle Management badge

Application Lifecycle Management

Learn best practices for team app development and lifecycle management.
Reports & Dashboards badge

Reports & Dashboards

Build real-time reports and charts to visualize key business metrics.
Create a Satisfaction Survey badge

Create a Satisfaction Survey

Use flow to make a simple customer satisfaction survey.
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