Redefine Work with

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how helps you adapt to a new way of working with safety as a top priority.
  • Access trusted data and other resources to guide decision-making.

The New Normal Demands a New Way to Work

The new normal we are living in has forever altered the way we live, work, and do business. At the heart of this are the expectations we have as customers, employees, and members of the community. Over the last few months, it was clear that safety, health, and wellbeing were on everyone’s mind, but now we are all thinking about how we make the most of this new normal and meet and exceed the expectations everyone has.

  • Employees want their health and wellbeing supported, and they also want to be productive, get questions answered, and be empowered to work from anywhere.
  • Customers want to be protected and informed, and they also need safe ways to bank, dine, shop, and recreate in-person.
  • We all want our governments to respond quickly to emergencies, and we also want them to have the means to manage and distribute a safe vaccine when ready.

In uncertain times, it’s hard to know what to do and when to take action. That’s why Salesforce teamed up with our customers, partners, global business leaders, and renowned experts to create—advice, insights, and solutions to help you prioritize safety as you reopen your workplace and prepare for the future. Is Your Guide is a source of solutions, products, services, partners, and expertise for working in the new normal. It includes a suite of apps to help you manage workplace safety and plan for long-term resilience, provide trusted communications for customers, understand and manage employee wellness, prepare your communities to respond to the next crisis, and treat your employees like customers with seamless, connected employee experiences--no matter where employees are working. 

  • Lead your business with safety as a top priority: Expert advice and trusted data from our Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub to guide fast decision-making
  • Return to your workplace: Apps to assess employee and workplace readiness, and guide reentry and staffing, including a command center and manual contact tracing
  • Reimagine your organizations: Advisory services, best practices, and grants and volunteer management apps to help you reimagine your business for the new world
  • Skill up your employees: An engaging learning experience platform with prebuilt content kits and actionable data insights to help you create a growth culture with myTrailhead
  • Respond to future crises: Apps to allocate health, public, or private sector services and enable manual contact tracing and emergency response management

In the following units we take a closer look at the suite of apps. But first, let’s see how Salesforce online resources and our partner ecosystem support and empower you to navigate the current challenges, no matter your business size or industry.

A Trusted Online Resource

Even before COVID-19, we were experiencing a rapid digital transformation of the way we live and work, and that trend is only accelerating. Leaders must reassess their operating assumptions and take bold action to adapt as the path forward becomes clearer. 

Leading Through Change is an online resource center that brings together the data and insights you need to act decisively during and after this crisis. In blog posts, videos, webinars, and more, experts from business, health, and government teach best practices and share stories of transformation and high return on investment (ROI).

Take a look at a few of the toolkits and learning playlists you can find in the Resource Center.

  • COVID-19 Response Playbook: A versatile framework to help you stabilize, reopen, and grow your business (signup required)
  • COVID-19 Data Hub: Trusted global data from community experts, with workbooks, interactive dashboards and visualizations, training, and a community forum
  • B-Well Together: Live sessions with leading wellbeing experts, focused on aligning the mind and body

A return to the workplace doesn’t mean things will be business as usual. Leaders who understand and embrace this fact can position their organizations to emerge even stronger than before. The free online resources at Leading Through Change give you the key data and critical insight you need to map the journey ahead. 

A Partner Ecosystem

Thanks to the robust Salesforce ecosystem, you can easily extend the capabilities of with partner apps. Salesforce AppExchange is your centralized destination for solutions built by partners and Salesforce Labs. 

AppExchange COVID-19 Resource Center

These apps address a variety of emerging use cases, such as business continuity planning, supply chain adaptation, and industry-specific applications. 

In the next unit, we take a closer look at the Workplace Command Center.