Prepare for Social Customer Service

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Begin the planning process for Social Customer Service.
  • Learn about Social Customer Service implementation paths.

Plan for Social Customer Service

Maria knows that adding multiple channels is the second stage of the general setup process for Service Cloud. (See the Service Cloud for Lightning Experience module for a refresher.)

Service Cloud’s implementation process represented by concentric circles with an arrow pointed at the second circle, which is Channels.

Maria set up case management features for Ursa Major Solar—the first stage of the general setup process—and she understands why it’s best if an admin doesn’t set up channels or digital engagement first. If the right case fields, case notifications, case assignment rules, and case routing processes aren’t implemented, it doesn’t matter if agents engage with customers on social platforms because they’ll be too busy trying to figure out how to capture the right information and determine who should work on each case.

Before Maria sets anything up, she meets with Ursa Major Solar’s service team to learn how they operate.

Question Answer
Which social platform do we want to use to engage with customers? For now, let’s start with Twitter and Facebook and see how that goes.

As we expand our social presence, we will consider Instagram and YouTube. Because sales is focused on North America at the moment, we don’t need to plan for international options, such as Sina Weibo.

Do we have two or more social accounts for Ursa Major Solar? Currently, we have none. But Ryan De Lyon, one of our service managers, is creating a Twitter account and a Facebook account for Ursa Major Solar.

If we plan to add more social accounts, we need Social Studio accounts, which we learn about later.

Do we want social accounts for service, marketing, or both? Eventually, it would be great to have a Twitter handle for service and one for marketing. But since we’re just starting out, we only want one for service.
Do we want customers’ social posts to automatically create cases for our service team? Yes. For our new accounts for service, we want customers’ posts to turn into cases for our support team so that agents can work on incoming issues alongside cases from other channels in the console.

If we had an account only for marketing, we would not check the Case Creation box in Social Customer Setup because marketers won’t work on customer cases.

Are there specific agents we want assigned to handle social posts from customers? Yes. Since we’re starting out, not everyone needs access to Social Customer Service.

We’ll give Ryan De Lyon, one of our service managers, and Ada Balewa, one of our product support specialists, the correct permission set and profile permissions to access Ursa Major Solar’s social accounts.

Do any validation rules or automated users need access to social service? We need to double-check. At one time, we did have validation rules set up on cases to require users to update the Status and Priority fields before they could save cases. Perhaps we should add more fields to validation rules for cases created from social service.

As for automated users, we should make sure that the Running User we have set for some reports and dashboards has access to social service so that the right information is tracked for analytics.

Do we want to review and approve responses from agents to social posts before they’re sent? Yes. Since agents will be the voice of our company on social platforms, we need to make sure they respond with a consistent tone and language that matches the Ursa Major Solar brand.

We need to create new approval processes for social service in which to assign service managers or marketers, and select Enable approvals for social posts in Social Customer Service Setup.

Do we want the ability for agents to add attachments to posts on social platforms for customers? Yes. Some support responses may require an attachment to a manual or FAQ about our solar panels. We need to keep in mind that any links to attachments on a post are available to the public for viewing on social platforms.

To make attachment download links public, we need to give the Run Apex As User in Social Customer Service Setup permission to Create Public Links.

Do we want to uniquely format case content from social posts? Let’s get more feedback from agents. It may be useful to format case Subject fields from inbound social posts. A unique visual indicator can help agents quickly spot requests from social platforms versus other channels.

In Social Customer Service Setup, we can access Social Business Rules to make format changes.

Do we want to moderate and triage incoming posts and only create cases for posts that have actionable requests? Yes. Not all social posts require a case, such as a complimentary tweet or positive feedback.

When Social Customer Service is configured by default, cases are automatically created from each social post. But the moderation feature helps agents manage the posts that are turned into cases and the posts that are ignored.

We have to have access to a Social Studio account and its Social Studio Automate rule to turn off automatic case creation and enable moderation.

To continue planning for a social service implementation, Maria reviews its implementation options.

Social Customer Service Implementation Paths

Before setting up social service, it’s useful to review its limits to know which implementation path is best for your org. There are two implementation paths you can take.

  1. Social Customer Service Starter Pack
  2. Social Studio accounts

If you have two or less social accounts—like a Twitter account for Ursa Major Solar and/or a Facebook account for Ursa Major Solar—use the starter pack. Otherwise, you need Social Studio accounts, which can synchronize up to 2,000 managed social accounts. Know that Instagram and YouTube aren’t available in the starter pack. Also, if you begin your implementation with Social Studio, you cannot downgrade to the starter pack.

Ultimately, your Salesforce rep can help you determine the social service path that’s best for your org and answer any add-on or license questions.


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