Turn on Social Customer Service

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Implement Social Customer Service.
  • Set up a Twitter Channel with a Guided Setup Flow.
  • Learn strategies to roll out social service to your team.

Turn On Social Service for Twitter

Social Customer Service is not available in Trailhead playgrounds, but that’s OK. Follow along to learn how an admin would set up the feature for an org.

Since Ursa Major Solar is beginning its social service journey with one social account on Twitter, Maria uses the Social Customer Service Starter Pack. Also, because Maria is planning a basic implementation, she uses a guided setup flow, which is the fastest, easiest way to get started. Let’s see how she does it.

  1. Click Setup icon and select Service Setup.

    The console with the setup gear icon highlighted.

  2. Under Recommended Setup, click View All.

    The Service Setup Home page with the View All link highlighted.

  3. Search or scroll down to Tweets, and click Turn Tweets into Cases.

    The Setup dialog box with an arrow pointing at Turn Tweets into Cases.

  4. Read the Terms of Service, and if you agree with them, click Start.

    A dialog box with a link to Terms of Service and the Start button highlighted.

  5. Click Sign In and add your business’s Twitter account.

    A dialog box with a Sign In button, requesting you to sign into your Twitter business account.

  6. Click the Authorize app button to let Salesforce connect with your Twitter business account.

    A dialog box with an Authorize app button, asking you to authorize Salesforce to access your Twitter business account.

  7. Add teammates who can respond to tweets turned into cases, then click Next.

    A dialog box where you can give teammates access to cases created with social service.

  8. Click Done and customers’ tweets become cases in Salesforce.

    A dialog box with a Done button, confirming that social service is set up.

  9. To customize the format of case Subject fields, add assignment rules, or update inbound settings, enter Social Business Rules in the Quick Find box in Setup.

    Service Setup home with Social Business Rules highlighted alongside social service settings.

That’s it! With an easy guided setup flow, Maria plans to follow similar prompts to get a Facebook channel up and running for Ursa Major Solar.

Rollout Social Service to Your Team

Maria understands that turning on social service doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use it correctly. Sure, anyone can respond to a customer on a social platform, but should they?

Words matter in any conversation—whether in person or online. Considerable thought on the importance of words, voice and tone, and how public responses match your brand and purpose are critical to a social service rollout. As someone who studied businesses and marketing before starting Ursa Major Solar, Sita knows that any employee who is interacting with customers must have a bit of training or they risk tarnishing the brand they worked so hard to create.

Before rolling out social service to agents, Sita tasks her service manager, Ryan De Lyon, to do the following.

  • Train agents how to respond appropriately on social platforms.
  • Create and standardize responses where possible with Quick Text and Macros.
  • Refresh the team on the voice and tone that matches Ursa Major Solar’s brand, namely polite and business casual.
  • Add approval processes so that a few managers can review responses before they are made public to customers.

Ursa Major Solar is ready to deliver a more consistent customer experience and get more social across more channels.

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