Learn About Social Customer Service

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Explain what Social Customer Service is.
  • Describe the key benefits of Social Customer Service.
  • Understand how Social Customer Service, the Service Console, and Social Studio are interconnected.

What Is Social Customer Service?

Sita Nagappan-Alvarez, the CEO of Ursa Major Solar, was impressed to learn about the many digital engagement features with Service Cloud. When her rock star admin, Maria, explained digital engagement and how its goal is to deliver unified customer experiences across a variety of channels and devices, Social Customer Service stood out. Namely, because Sita knows that her solar panel company has no social media presence at all. None. Zero. Zip.

How can a company engage with customers when it’s lagging behind its customers? Salesforce Research states that 78% of customers expect an effortless, consistent, and unified experience across multiple channels. Since Ursa Major Solar is only set up with phone and email channels, Sita understands that she’s letting down 78% of her customers. Until she adds more digital channels, she is practically handing over her customers—and potential customers—to her competitors.

Sita and Maria standing alongside the Ursa Major Solar logo.

As Sita recalls from Maria’s explanation of digital engagement with Salesforce (See Digital Engagement module for a refresher), Social Customer Service:

  • Lets service agents, sales reps, and marketers listen and respond to customers across social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.
  • Turns social network posts into cases or leads and lets agents join customer conversations where they are happening.
  • Allows inbound and outbound social posts to appear in case histories, making it easy to follow conversations on various different social platforms from any device.
  • Tracks customer sentiments and keywords, and it helps agents offer to take public conversations private.
  • Sends service requests directly to the Service Console, where agents can switch the conversations to the best channels for customers at any time.
  • Brings sales, service, and marketing teams together on social platforms, so that they can collaborate on the customer experience.

Social Customer Service and the Service Console

Just like other channels, Social Customer Service appears in the Service Console so that agents have a 360-degree view of each customer and their requests. The console is a virtual help desk that lets anyone on your service team, or anyone at your company, see a personalized view of each customer and their case.

The Service Console showing a 360-degree view of a customer.

No matter where customers are—phone, email, web chat, chatbots, mobile apps, SMS messaging, Twitter, Facebook, and more—the console helps agents efficiently resolve multiple cases simultaneously.

For cases created through social media posts, customers’ comments, questions, or inquiries appear right in the feed. Interactions with customers happen in the Social publisher.

The Social publisher on a case feed in the console.

There are no messy integrations or add-ons to have Social Customer Service appear in the console. Social service is natively designed to fit into the console along with other channels. Even if customers are mobile and posting to social platforms on the go, those messages appear to agents in the console. And if your agents are on the go, they can see social posts as cases in the Salesforce mobile app. Even without the console or mobile app, agents can see social interactions directly on case records in Salesforce.

Social Customer Service and Social Studio

When Maria explained Social Customer Service to Sita, Social Studio came up. How does that fit into the social service and console features? Simple—Social Studio is the engine that allows you to manage, schedule, create, and monitor social posts. You can organize the posts by brand, region, or multiple teams and individuals in a unified interface. Social Studio offers real-time publishing and engagement for content marketers, but it was brought into the Service Cloud platform to expand exceptional customer service, too. Social Studio helps:

  • Analyze social media conversations across your service, sales, and marketing campaigns to see what your industry and fans are saying.
  • Monitor audience discussions with machine-learning sentiment analysis and image recognition to help you gain insights, prioritize posts, and take action.
  • Deploy one tool for all social media engagement across every team in your company, and securely manage user access and roles.
  • Access stock photos and trending topics, as well as draft, share, schedule, review, and approve content for publication.
  • Track real-time customer interactions, brand health, and campaign results with visually compelling reports and dashboards.

Benefits of Social Customer Service

Along with the benefits already mentioned about Social Customer Service, Maria points out these perks to Sita.

Benefit Description
Deliver personalized service on the most popular social media channels. Increase customer satisfaction and brand reputation by joining or starting conversations on the social channels preferred by each customer.
Intelligently route social posts to the right agents or team. Assign social posts to the right agents automatically by using keywords, classifiers, and language detection so that they best people can immediately respond.
Quickly scale to support the latest social channels. Add service for the latest global social platforms as they emerge, such as Sina Weibo in China (pilot program).
Get a 360-degree view of customers in real time. See a comprehensive picture of each customer, across all channels, before responding to provide a more personalized experience.

Sita is excited to add Social Customer Service to Ursa Major Solar’s support tools. She asks Maria what they need to do next. The answer: Plan for Social Customer Service.

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