Prepare for Outbound Messaging

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Prepare for an outbound messaging implementation.
  • Identify messaging options for your agents and customers.

Plan for Outbound Messaging  

Maria knows that adding multiple channels is the second stage of the general setup process for Service Cloud (see the Service Cloud for Lightning Experience module for a refresher.)

Service Cloud’s implementation process represented by concentric circles that include, from the center direction outward Case Management, Channels, Knowledge, and AI and Bots. An arrow is pointed at the second circle, which is Channels.

Having set up case management features for Ursa Major Solar—the first stage of the general setup process for Service Cloud—Maria knows why it’s best if an admin doesn’t set up messaging or other channels first. If the right case fields, notifications, and routing processes aren’t implemented, it doesn’t matter if agents message customers because they’ll be too busy trying to figure out how to capture the right information and determine who should work each case.

Before Maria set up outbound messaging, she presents the service team with messaging options. She wants them to think about their messaging requirements as part of a planning exercise. Here are the options she presents.

Bots Available
Inbound Available
1 to 1 Outbound Available (after customer opt-in)
Triggered Outbound Available (after customer opt-in)
SMS Text
Facebook Messenger

The service team is impressed with all of the messaging options. They’d like to start out slow with one outbound messaging channel and see how it goes. They decide to begin with a WhatsApp messaging implementation first because it’s considered the most popular messaging app in the world.  

To see how WhatsApp works with outbound messaging in Salesforce, watch this video (2:04 minutes).

Before Maria sets up outbound messaging, she wants to learn more about the service team’s requirements and how they operate so that she can solve their business problems. Here are her questions along with the answers she received.

How many phone numbers are available for incoming messages?
Currently, we only have three phone numbers for phone support with Service Cloud Voice. If we decide to implement SMS text messaging, we definitely need to create an additional phone number or more.
Do we support international markets or customers?
Yes, we are making inroads into South America, and that is why we want to start with a WhatsApp implementation.

We know that Facebook Messenger is also popular in South America, so we should prepare to support more customers with that messaging app. It’s important that we look into how countries in South America govern messaging apps and which laws may be applicable.
How many Facebook pages do we have, and do we need to support Facebook Messenger?
We have at least two Facebook pages for Ursa Major Solar, and we should prepare for a Facebook Messenger implementation. If the WhatsApp implementation goes well, we will work toward supporting Facebook Messenger next.
What kind of outbound messages do we want to send?
We want WhatsApp messages to let customers know when their solar panels have shipped from our warehouse, when an agent has started to work on their cases, and when an agent has closed their cases. We will start with those business cases for now.
Do we want to send marketing or promotional messages?
No, not at this time. Let’s see how well supporting our customers on WhatsApp goes, then we will explore marketing business cases.
Do we want to automate some of our messages?
Yes, let’s automate outbound WhatsApp messages with templates to let our customers know when our agents are working on their cases. We can automate those messaging templates with the Process Builder.
Do we need to create bots to automate interactions or update records?
Yes, we could definitely use our existing Einstein Bots implementation to automatically thank customers who respond to our outbound WhatsApp messages and to display a list of menu options based on the solar panels that they purchased.

Now that Maria has a good idea of how Ursa Major Solar’s service team wants to use WhatsApp for outbound messaging, she is ready to set it up.    


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