Turn On Outbound Messaging

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Implement outbound messaging.
  • Plan a messaging rollout for your team.

Turn On Messaging with a Guided Setup Flow

In this module, we assume you are a Service Cloud administrator with the proper permissions to set up Messaging. If you’re not an admin for Service Cloud, that’s OK. Read along to learn how an admin like Maria would take the steps in a production org. Don’t try to follow these steps in your Trailhead Playground. Messaging isn’t available in Trailhead Playgrounds.

  1. Click the Setup icon and select Service Setup.

     The console with the setup gear icon highlighted.
  2. Under Recommended Setup, click View All.

    The Service Setup Home page with the View All link highlighted.
  3. Search or scroll down to Messaging, and click Add a Messaging Channel.

    The Setup dialog box with a box highlighting the Add a Messaging Channel.
  4. Add a Messaging Channel, click Start.

    The Start button highlighted in the Add a Message Channel dialog box.
  5. Choose WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp highlighted in the Add a Message Channel dialog box.
  6. After you configure your WhatsApp account in Facebook Business Manager (see the next screenshot), and keep your Business Manager ID handy, file a case with Salesforce Customer Support with the required information to finalize your WhatsApp integration with Salesforce.

    Message to file a case with Salesforce Customer Support highlighted in the Add a Messaging Channel dialog box.
  7. Click Finish. Salesforce Customer Support will take the information you’ve submitted in the case to proceed with setting up your WhatsApp integration. The Support Team will reach out to you to coordinate additional steps to validate the integration.

  8. To allow agents to initiate outbound messages, assign them the Agent Initiated Outbound Messaging permission set. Enter Permission Sets in the Quick Find box in Setup, and give specific agents access to the perm.

    The Permissions Set page in Setup.
  9. To customize messaging settings, templates, or more, enter Messaging in the Quick Find box in Setup.

    The Messaging Settings page in Setup.
  10. To create a messaging template for outbound triggered messaging, enter Messaging Templates in the Quick Find box in Setup, and click New.

    The Messaging Templates page in Setup.


To add the messaging template to a triggered outbound message, create a process builder flow to define the triggered action. For more information, see Create Processes to Send Automatic Message Notifications.    

That’s it! With an easy guided setup flow, Maria plans to follow similar prompts to get a Facebook Messenger channel up and running for Ursa Major Solar in the future.      

Rollout Outbound Messaging  

Maria understands that turning on outbound messaging doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use it correctly—customers and agents alike. Before rolling out messaging, she asks service manager, Ryan De Lyon, to do the following.

  • Start with a small test of trial customers. Begin with a specific location or allow only some customers to message you, such as VIP or Platinum Support customers. See what works best for those customers before beginning a larger rollout.
  • Create a library of templates or automated messages for agents. Build a wiki of text-friendly phrases and emoticons that match your brand and streamline frequent responses to customers.
  • Train your agents. Teach agents how to initiate conversations with customers from the Service Console and how to use templates or automated messages to deliver consistent customer experiences.

Ursa Major Solar is ready to start messaging customers and deliver proactive service on the messaging apps their customers prefer.      


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