Set Goals and Priorities

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Decide which Sales Cloud Einstein features to start with based on your goals.
  • Identify factors that contribute to a successful rollout.
  • Define metrics to measure the success of a rollout.

Identify Goals and Prioritize Features

Listing Honeydew’s challenges is the first step to understanding what Sales Cloud Einstein can do for them. The long list leaves Eleanor feeling a bit overwhelmed once again, but she soon discovers several common themes in what Sayuni said.

Sales Cloud Einstein themes for Honeydew:
  1. Because Honeydew is hiring a lot of recent grads for inside sales positions, those reps need to have a better understanding of what to do without help from their managers.
  2. Seasoned reps are taking on more deals and don’t have time to waste on deals that have a poor chance of closing.
  3. Although sales managers want reps to figure out what to do on their own, managers still need to know when to step in and help.

Clipboard representing priorities

These themes become Honeydew’s goals. Next, Eleanor drafts a prioritized list of the Sales Cloud Einstein features that map to the goals, and she presents the list to Sayuni.

Phase Feature Impact
1 Einstein Lead Scoring Inexperienced reps work from a prioritized list of leads without much involvement from their managers.
Einstein Opportunity Scoring Experienced reps with a heavy workload work from a prioritized list of opportunities so they can focus on the deals most likely to close.

Sales managers keep an eye on low-scoring opportunities and reach out to reps with assistance.

Sales managers understand the health of their pipelines and share relevant information with others.

2 Inbox with Einstein Activity Capture Reps reduce context switching and manual activity logging, improve data quality, and generate more insights.

Activity Metrics, which comes with Einstein Activity Capture, helps sales managers know when to step in with assistance. For example, managers might add the Inactive Days and Lead Score fields to a lead list view. Then, they can see which high-scoring leads haven’t had any activity.

Einstein Automated Contacts Reps reduce data entry and improve contact data quality.
Einstein Opportunity Insights Reps know what to do next with relevant predictions, reminders, and notifications about opportunities.
Einstein Account Insights Information about customers’ business developments and other key moments helps reps maintain customer relationships.
3 Einstein Forecasting Sales managers improve forecasting accuracy, get forecast predictions, and track how sales teams are doing.
Sales Analytics App Intuitive visualizations based on Salesforce data help reps move from insight to action quickly. Reps see the latest wins, win rate, and average deal amount. Analytics highlight quotas and reliable forecasts.

Define Metrics to Measure Success

Identifying challenges and prioritizing features is one part of a successful rollout. But what constitutes success? Eleanor uses Honeydew’s goals to define specific success metrics for the features in phase one of the rollout.

Goal Sales Cloud Einstein Feature Measure of Success
Help less-experienced inside sales reps know which leads to focus on. Einstein Lead Scoring Lead conversion rate increases by X%.

Time to convert a lead decreases by X days.

Help more experienced field sales reps spend their valuable time on the right deals. Einstein Opportunity Scoring Closed Won rate increases by X%.

Time to close opportunities decreases by X days. (Eleanor uses different metrics for high-scoring and low-scoring opportunities.)

Help sales managers determine whether reps are working on the right prospects and deals, and decide when reps need support. Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

The opportunity pipeline increases by X%.

X% of opportunities that involve coaching by a manager are ultimately closed won.

To help you measure success, Sales Cloud Einstein comes with several out-of-the-box dashboards built on Einstein Analytics. Some features are also supported by standard reports and dashboards. Plus, the Sales Analytics app gives you deeper insights into your sales data.

To measure lead conversion rates, Eleanor plans to use the Conversion Rate by Lead Score report that’s included in the Lead Scoring dashboard. But first, Honeydew’s sales reps need to use Lead Scoring for a while so that they generate the lead conversion data needed for the report. Depending on the volume of leads and conversions, it can take a week or months to build sufficient data for the report to show meaningful information.

Eleanor creates custom report types that sales managers and reps can use to show the impact of Opportunity Scoring on the business.

Strategize How to Assign Licenses

Eleanor was handed 50 Sales Cloud Einstein licenses, but she doesn’t want to assign them all right away. Before she assigns any licenses, she comes up with a slow, focused approach. (Don’t worry, we get into more about how to assign licenses soon.)

  1. Identify power users: With Sayuni’s help, identify a few of the most experienced members of the sales team. These power users know what to expect from a typical sales cycle and can quickly assess the accuracy of the Einstein predictive model.
  2. Assign licenses to a pilot group: The small pilot group includes the power users and other willing participants. The pilot lasts a full quarter so that we can see results over a full sales cycle.
  3. Make adjustments: Based on the pilot users’ feedback, adjust the model by excluding some fields from Einstein’s analysis. (More on that later.)
  4. Assign licenses to a wider group: Roll out Sales Cloud Einstein to more reps, confident that reps know what to expect from Einstein and that user adoption will be high.

Because Honeydew has goals for inside sales reps, field sales reps, and sales managers, they make sure to include representatives from each of those groups early in the rollout. When you start to assign licenses, we recommend that you include a variety of personas and stakeholders.

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