Get Started With Lead Qualification

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Define lead qualification.
  • Differentiate between scoring and grading as prospect measurement tools.
  • Consider lead qualification models.

Lead Qualification: Get in the Game

There’s a lot to be said for showing up. But in this case, when you have a sales team with both a quota and limited time to meet it, there’s no room to give participation trophies to prospects or leads in your database. So instead of an intramural league, treat qualifying your prospects in Pardot like the Olympics. Reserve a place on the team for those prospects that have earned it through engagement and by meeting your ideal requirements for customers.

This process of building your dream-team client roster and then sending it off to your sales team for the next stage is called lead qualification. Lead qualification blends two measurement indexes—scoring and grading—to create a full picture of a prospect’s interest and suitability. You define how important various interactions with your marketing content and website are by assigning point values to activities with a score. You define how valuable specific information about a prospect is with a grade. In this way, defining an ideal score and an ideal grade and codifying your ideal prospect creates a lead qualification model for your business.

With Pardot, you can then automate your lead qualification model using a variety of automation tools (see the Automate Marketing to Businesses with Pardot trail) and apply it across your database. This makes it simple to send high-quality prospects over to sales.

So what does this process look like? Let’s have Leung Chen from Get Cloudy Consulting show us.

We’ve been following Leung as she sets up her Pardot account to Get Cloudy Consulting’s specifications. To recap: Get Cloudy is a high-tech consulting firm specializing in CRM implementations. They’ve built a successful business as a Salesforce SI partner. Their implementation experience includes Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Communities. This information is all important to keep in mind as Leung builds her lead qualification model.

You first set parameters for what makes someone a compelling lead and prospect. We look at both score and grade in detail in the next two units, but here’s a simple definition for both prospect measurement tools.

Measures implicit interest in your product by assigning a points value to activities, such as opening an email, attending a webinar, and submitting a form.
Measures explicit information provided by the prospect, such as job title, location, and company size.

As you build your lead qualification models, it’s a good idea to involve sales leadership in order to get an accurate picture of what information is important. The leadership team has anecdotal data and tracks purchasing trends year over year. They’ve also built benchmarks and profiles to determine what makes an ideal prospect. Not only is this extremely valuable information for you, it also increases their buy in.

Running the Play

Leung met with Alan Johnson, the Get Cloudy sales manager, to determine their lead qualification model and strategy. Alan’s goals for his sales team can guide the ideal prospect profile creation, which can be used to grade prospects for fit. And Leung’s engagement goals for her team’s marketing content can be used to set a score framework. Both Leung and Alan have some ideas to blend score and grade into a comprehensive model for their company’s objectives.

Alan has the following criteria.

Score Criteria
Submit a Support Case
Increase Score
Submit a Demo Request Form
Increase Score
View Pricing Page
Increase Score
View Jobs Opportunity Page
Decrease Score
Grade Criteria
Interested in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Communities
Increase Letter Grade
C-Level Executive
Increase Letter Grade
Small Company (less than 20 people)
Decrease Letter Grade

Leung also brainstormed some criteria.

Score Criteria
Attend a Webinar
Increase Score
Download a White Paper
Increase Score
Open an Email
Increase Score
Grade Criteria
In Healthcare, Financial Services, or Professional Services verticals
Increase Letter Grade
Competitor Email Address
Decrease Letter Grade
Job Title of Marketing Manager
Increase Letter Grade

Over the next three units, we look at how Leung can create this lead qualification model using both scoring and grading, and then automate it across her Pardot account to provide Alan with high-quality leads.


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