Explore Catalyst Playbooks and Steps

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Browse the Catalyst playbooks.
  • Read and understand the activities and steps within the Catalyst Playbooks.

Browsing Catalyst Playbooks

On the Catalyst Knowledge Hub homepage, you have direct access to the Catalyst methodology playbooks. The playbooks are available both through the navigation page tree and in the Playbooks section. As a reminder, the page tree navigation pane allows you to select each carrot to expand the content within each of the three pillars: Business outcomes, Technology delivery, and Organization enablement. 

Click a playbook (for example, Anypoint Platform Playbook) to see its details.

Screenshot showing the Catalyst Knowledge Hub homepage

The playbook page shows the phases, activities, and steps all in one view. You can navigate to a specific step to get additional information on how to execute it. To access a step in a playbook, click the relevant link.

For example, click Develop the Anypoint Platform Upgrade Plan step to open this resource and learn more.

Catalyst Playbook Page—Access to Steps

Understanding the Components for Each Step

Once you are in the Step page, the page tree navigation reflects your current position within the playbook taxonomy. You can use the tree to navigate back to a playbook page, or you can scroll through the taxonomy to move directly to the next step in the playbook.

Step Details page

Each Step page contains the following sections.

  • Description [1]: This section contains all the important information on how to execute the step. Depending on the step, you can see a diagram, substeps, or a video to further explain the relevance of the step. If there are deliverables or specific outcomes for the step, they will be listed as well.
  • Prerequisites [2]: This section displays any recommended or required steps that you should take in order for this step to be successful. If a prerequisite isn’t listed, then this step should be able to stand on its own without any previous steps that need to occur.
  • Recommended roles [3]: This section provides recommended list of stakeholders who are responsible for carrying out the step. A RACI-based approach has been used, which defines the recommended roles of Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. Each playbook step is capable of being completed by customers, with or without a MuleSoft-led or partner-led services team.

Each asset has been created, curated, reviewed, and published by a solution architect from MuleSoft’s Professional Services or Customer Success teams to ensure the highest quality prior to publication. Further, we ensure that assets are periodically reviewed to ensure they reflect the latest best practices for all stakeholders. And don’t forget that we review all ratings, feedback, and suggestions, which drive our asset refresh activities.

We hope that this introduction to the Catalyst Knowledge Hub enables you to successfully navigate through each MuleSoft Catalyst playbook path and its corresponding steps. And remember, whether you are a MuleSoft customer or one of our trusted partners, playbooks are available to guide and support you throughout your MuleSoft Catalyst experience.