Delight Customers with Outstanding Omnichannel Service

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you'll be able to:

  • Describe how Salesforce allows banks to provide accelerated and omnichannel support to customers.
  • Explain how Salesforce can present relevant support articles and next-best actions to service agents.
  • Outline the benefits of self-service support through intelligent customer communities.
  • Describe how Salesforce can keep customers up to date about progress toward resolving their support issues.

Making the Next Best Offer

As Rachel proceeds through her home-buying process, Einstein surfaces a key reminder for Dan: Rachel needs homeowner’s insurance to protect her investment.

Einstein presents a next-best offer to Dan based on Rachel’s financial portfolio and history with Cumulus. He can refer Rachel to Erin, an insurance agent who can offer a discounted insurance rate that’s available only to customers with two or more Cumulus products. Rachel is thrilled with the service she has received from Cumulus so far, so she decides to accept Erin’s offer and purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Photo of insurance agent Erin

Intelligent Omnichannel Service

A few years later, a falling tree damages Rachel’s home during a windstorm. Rather than dialing a call center or submitting a case online and waiting for a response, Rachel remembers one of the omnichannel features that drew her to Cumulus Bank in the first place. She can connect with a Cumulus agent right away using two-way video chat in the Cumulus mobile app. The Cumulus app connects Rachel with Erin based on her previous history working with Rachel. And Erin logs a case in Salesforce indicating that a tree fell on Rachel’s home.

Screenshot showing Rachel’s case in Service Cloud Console

Erin is empowered to be her best with help from Einstein, which automatically surfaces relevant articles from the Cumulus knowledge base that help answer Rachel’s most difficult questions related to this case. For example, Erin quickly finds the right information when Rachel asks if she should file a claim if it was a neighbor’s tree that fell on her home.

Screenshot showing Einstein’s recommended knowledge articles and an insight about higher CSAT scores

Erin can access details about Rachel’s policy in the Salesforce Service Cloud Console. She notices that Rachel’s policy covers a hotel stay while her home is being repaired. Einstein’s analysis of CSAT scores shows that customers are generally happier when agents book a hotel for policyholders while helping them with a claim. Erin wants to make sure Rachel feels taken care of, so she finds a hotel near Rachel’s office and makes the reservation. This helps Rachel get back on her feet quickly while Cumulus processes her claim.

With Rachel’s permission, Erin also enrolls her in another omnichannel feature: automated text message alerts, powered by Salesforce LiveMessage, which update her on any changes to her case. These help her stay apprised of the claims process, and she can even respond directly to the messages to ask additional questions. Salesforce automatically routes these messages to Erin, so that she can continue to help Rachel get the support she needs during this difficult time.

Erin also recommends to Rachel that she check out the Cumulus online customer community, which is another part of the bank’s omnichannel approach to customer service. In this online forum, Cumulus customers answer one another’s questions and receive community recognition for providing helpful information.

Rachel posts a question about choosing a contractor for the repairs on her home. Soon she has several recommendations from longtime Cumulus insurance customers. She sees these members have high ratings for their previous answers. So she saves time on research and moves forward confidently with a contractor who is recommended by experts in the community.

Several weeks later, the repairs to Rachel’s house are complete and she returns home. Salesforce alerts Erin to this update in the case, and she gives Rachel a call to make sure the repairs are satisfactory and everything is going well with her move in.

Cumulus Bank took care of Rachel during a difficult moment in her life through proactive service that spanned channels including video, text message, online communities, and phone. This helped Rachel bounce back quickly, and it deepened her relationship with the bank in a way that will keep her loyal for years to come.