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Use Intelligent Sales to Manage Sales Visits and Inventory

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe surgical case management visits.

  • Define field inventory management.

Surgical Case Management Visits

As a med tech sales representative, Leroy conducts three visits: a physician detailing visit, a sales agreement/contract negotiation visit, and a surgical case management visit.

The surgical case management visit is an operationally oriented visit. It helps sales reps manage all aspects of the surgical case including inventory availability, ordering, billing, patient registration, provider education, and consent among others.

Let’s look at Leroy’s work here. He knows that a pacemaker surgery is scheduled to take place at StayHealthy Hospital and that the doctor requires a special dual-chamber pacemaker. Leroy has to ensure that this medical device is available. If not, he has to make sure that the orders are placed to ensure product is available on time.  

On the day of a surgical case management visit, Leroy might also have to help the doctor by setting up the device and making sure all the required procedures are followed. In addition, he has to support patient registration and related activities.

He also has to record the consumption of the device from the inventory (by scanning using a barcode), capture a billing authorization electronically as needed, and place an order that will drive billing and invoicing. 

Health Cloud is the only solution in the market that allows med tech companies to place both a manufacturing/distribution lens and a healthcare lens on their customer-facing activities, and seamlessly integrate these two perspectives in their process flows to deliver optimal customer outcomes, as Leroy demonstrated.

So how does Health Cloud intelligent sales for med tech help sales reps? 

  • It ensures that products are available for surgical cases.

  • It allows sales reps to view surgical case visit details on the go from any device.

  • It helps reps execute visits with predefined tasks and out-of-the box flows that can be customized for each business.

  • It captures key notes and authorizes orders onsite (e-signature).

Field Inventory Management

The med tech field is highly competitive and time is of great essence. This means that sales reps have to work around the clock to make sure there is never a shortage of devices. Keeping track of inventory was difficult for Leroy’s predecessors, as they had to refer to books and ledgers where inventory was detailed. But luckily for him, Leroy has Health Cloud  field inventory management instead.  

Here’s what field inventory management helps sales reps do.

  • Reps can create a Surgical Case Visit, assign the same to visitors, and assign visited parties and products required for the visit on any device on the go.
  • Reps, analysts, and managers have full visibility to field inventory.
  • Sales reps/account executives can view the projected availability of field inventory for the visits created.
  • Reps can use visibility to on-order replenishments and upcoming provider visits to match supply and demand and project shortfalls.
  • Reps can proactively manage inventory, making it easy for them to create replenishment orders from the warehouse and transfers from other reps.
  • Reps have enhanced support for serialized inventory with barcode scanning.
  • Customers can view product expiration for serialized inventory.
  • Request transfer: Once the product is located, sales reps can put in a request transfer from other sales reps and place replenishment orders back to the global supply chain. What this means is that if the medical device stock is low at a hospital, the sales rep can get in touch with another rep in a close location. The rep can lend the device that to their colleague, who will replace it soon. This way the sales rep manages to fulfill the needs of his client. 

Field visit management is also helpful because it maximizes onsite productivity for sales reps and ensures that each visit is successful with visit and task management from any device. Sales reps can view and complete all required tasks during an appointment and capture relevant information, from patient registrations to new creating orders/billing authorizations on the go.

Managing Serial Inventory

The latest development in field inventory management is the advanced support that sales reps are provided with. The serial inventory support in Health Cloud provides Leroy with the capability to accept product transfers for serial tracked products, ensure that the stock is tracked at serial number level, and capture serial number details for order authorization. 

This mobile-first feature comes with barcode scanning capabilities using a mobile device, thus making serial inventory management easy and efficient. This helps Leroy create and manage sales visits and add associated medical devices, attendees, and internal resources. He can also close product gaps with order and inventory insights, and proactively request transfers and replenishment orders. 

Now that you have an overview of med tech in Health Cloud, you’re ready to tackle upcoming modules on managing sales visits and inventory!


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