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Use Intelligent Sales Agreements and Forecasting

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the basics of sales agreements.

  • Describe the features of account forecasting.

Introduction to Intelligent Sales

It’s important sales representatives have the perspective they need to understand where their sales are succeeding, but also where they can improve and what next steps to take. That’s where intelligent sales for Health Cloud comes in. This tool gives reps that perspective, and also helps them plan their visits, manage field inventory, and execute visits efficiently.

Intelligent sales helps med tech sales teams ensure they’ve got the right products and the right reps at the right locations. For instance, Leroy can keep track of his inventory and have an idea of what products he should stock up on. It also allows him to use both the desktop and mobile apps to easily schedule visits. Leroy can also use the mobile app to execute visits and complete visit tasks on the go, which saves him a lot of time, and lets him get more work done.  

Sales Agreements Basics

Sales agreements are another tool that helps Leroy effectively do his job. The StayHealthy Hospital has an agreement with Vance Laboratories to buy 1,000 pacemakers per quarter from them. Leroy, who can access this sales agreement, can see the number of products that the customer must buy to fulfill the agreement. But on his visit he finds that the hospital has only bought 500 so far. So he reviews the agreement and checks with the customer about their plan of action and when they would want to place the order. This is what Health Cloud sales agreements help accomplish.

Sales agreements let reps know whether their customers are on track with their orders, and when they need to alert them regarding their orders.

Sales agreements assist businesses and sales reps by providing them with insights into products, prices, discounts, and quantities based on a contract made with a customer agreeing to a price or quantity of products over a certain time. 

In short, they help Leroy keep track of orders. Sales agreements let him know whether his customers are on track with their orders, and when he needs to alert them regarding their orders. And they allow him to work proactively on customer discounts.

A Look Into the Future: Account Forecasting

Account forecasting in Health Cloud is another tool to help sales reps get results. Forecasting provides a clear picture of new and run-rate business based on orders, opportunities, sales agreements, contracts, and custom metrics.

The last few years have been successful for Vance Laboratories, and this year in particular the company recorded a rise in sales. To keep the momentum going, it’s imperative that managers work with sales reps like Leroy to produce account forecasting. Account forecasting estimates sales based on the trend analysis and past and present data. Using this forecasting, Vance Laboratories can estimate the number of devices they need to manufacture to meet their customers needs. On the back end of manufacturing, using forecasts helps the company plan better to meet these needs. 

Account Forecasting provides a clear picture of new and run-rate business based on orders, opportunities, sales agreements, contracts, and custom metrics

Features of Account Forecasting

Under the top-down and bottom-up line feature, decisions are made by managers or statisticians who have studied the trends and information provided by professionals such as sales reps who are out in the field. What this means is that Leroy works with his bosses to help drive a better understanding of what the company must produce.

In addition to that, forecasting helps teams look at demand patterns, long-term agreements, and more. And by using past data and market growth data opportunities, sales reps like Leroy can define their forecast. What this means is that, using past data, Leroy is better able to understand which medical device will see greater growth and usage in the future.  

This also helps companies forecast revenue and units, and gives them a better understanding of their clients and their business, helping them plan inventory and operations for the future. It also gives an insight into comparative sale of products to prepare for the possibility of expanding their market.

To learn more about these features and to get hands-on experience, check out the Trailhead module, Sales Agreements and Forecasting in the Manufacturing Cloud

In the next unit, you learn about field inventory management and surgical management visits. 


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