Discover the Power of Mentorship

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe why mentors are important.
  • Explain what makes a good mentor/mentee.
  • Get involved in mentoring.

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Why Are Mentors So Important?

Having a trusted guide and adviser can make a difference in young people’s lives. Mentors can share their unique experiences and offer solutions that a mentee may not have otherwise discovered. Young people with mentors are often more successful and have more opportunities to network and grow. That’s because mentors provide a sounding board, a reassuring safety net, and maybe most important, encouragement and acknowledgement. 

But mentorship isn’t a one-way street. Being a mentor is also richly rewarding. You can improve your own communication and interpersonal skills, develop leadership and management expertise, and increase your confidence. What’s more, connecting with younger people outside your peer group is energizing. And as your horizons expand because of these new contacts, you can explore new ideas, discover different ways of doing things, reexamine the status quo, and even learn a new thing or two applicable to your area of expertise.

What Is Mentorship?

What makes someone a good mentor? For sure, the ability and willingness to share their experiences and advice is important. Add being approachable, honest, empathetic, curious, objective, fair, and compassionate for a real recipe for success. 

Good mentors take their responsibilities seriously, are enthusiastic, offer constructive commentary, and set concrete goals for themselves and their mentees as they take their journey together.

Let’s go to the source and hear from business leaders as they share their experiences being mentors and discuss what it’s like to not have a mentor in your life. 

Exercise: Self-Reflection

Take a few moments to think about the role of mentorship in your life, whether on the giving or receiving end. 

Ask yourself:

  • Did I have a mentor?
  • If so, what did I get out of it?
  • Will I mentor someone?
  • What do I hope to achieve if I mentor someone?

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