Study Up on the Data Layer

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you'll be able to:

  • Extract and load data into the Einstein Analytics application to create datasets.
  • Describe how the Salesforce platform features map to the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern.
  • Implement refreshes, data sync (replication), and recipes to appropriately solve the basic business need.
  • Identify the common scenarios for extending an application's capabilities using AppExchange.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of what can be accomplished with the Einstein Analytics API.
  • Use Einstein Analytics to design a solution that accommodates dataflow limits.

Key Topics

This unit prepares you for the Data Layer section of the Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant exam, which makes up 24% of the overall exam. This section of the exam tests these topics.

  • Extract and load data into Einstein Analytics
  • Dataset creation
  • Data replication and refresh
  • Data recipes
  • Data flow limits
  • Einstein Analytics API

This unit provides a number of interactive, real-world, scenario-based questions that are a lot like the ones you can encounter as a Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant. Looking at these scenarios helps prepare you to take the Data Layer section of the Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant exam. As you tackle the practice questions, you get immediate feedback on your answers, along with detailed information on why your answers are correct (or incorrect).

The unit also contains interactive flashcards centered around study topics that help you prepare for the Data Layer section of the exam. 

Exam Practice Questions

Ready to jump in? The sample tool below is not scored—it's just an easy way to quiz yourself. To use it, read the scenario, then click on the answer you think is correct. Some questions may have more than one correct answer. Click Submit to learn whether the answer you chose is correct or incorrect, and why. If there’s a longer explanation, click Expand and then click anywhere in the window to close it. When you reach the end, you can review the answers or retake the questions.

Did you get a scenario wrong? Check out the table below for related study material.

Scenario 1
Learn how to bring in data from multiple Salesforce organizations by reviewing Sync Local and External Data with Analytics Connectors.    
Scenario 2
Study up on how to Create a Dataset with External Data and reviewing Date Handling in Datasets to learn how to Analytics loads data into datasets.
Scenario 3
Review Transformations for Data Prep Recipes to learn how to combine data from multiple datasets and apply transformations.  
Scenario 4
Describe how data sync optimizes your data flow by reviewing Optimize Your Dataflows with Data Sync.

Exam Topic Flashcards

Use these interactive flashcards to brush up on some of the key topics you’ll find on the Data Layer of the exam. Read the question or term on each card, then click the card to reveal the correct answer. Click the right-facing arrow to move to the next card, and the left-facing arrow to return to the previous card.

Did you get a flashcard wrong? Check out the table below for related study material.

Flashcard 1
Refresh your knowledge on dataflow limits by reviewing Einstein Analytics Limits.  
Flashcard 2
Discover how to combine rows of multiple datasets into one dataset by learning about append Transformation.
Flashcard 3
Study Analytics REST API Overview to learn all the ways to use this API.
Flashcard 4
Discover how to use transformations by reading Transformations for Analytics Dataflows.

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