Connect Your Data Sources

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect a Marketing Cloud account.
  • Connect Sales Cloud and Service Cloud accounts.

Salesforce CDP Connections

One of the neat things about Salesforce CDP is that you can use data from data streams and export segments to various channels, called activation targets. In order to do this, you need to connect those data sources with Salesforce CDP. Let’s start with Marketing Cloud. 

Connect Marketing Cloud 

First, you should confirm a few prerequisites for your Marketing Cloud account. To complete the connection, you need to have admin access to Marketing Cloud. Your Marketing Cloud account also needs to default to the EID (the topmost parent business unit) in order to access each of the child business units to be used in activation.

Once confirmed, you can move forward. From within your Salesforce CDP account, follow these steps to connect to Marketing Cloud. 

  1. Navigate to the Setup gear and click CDP Setup.
  2. Under Configuration, click Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud configuration selected under CDP setup.

Step 1: Enter Credentials

  1. To connect your Marketing Cloud account click Managenter Credentials in Setup with Manage button selected.
  2. Enter your Marketing Cloud admin username and password.

Step 1 done. Making progress. 


If you are having an issue connecting, confirm you are connecting to a Marketing Cloud account with admin user credentials.                

Step 2: Data Source Setup

Now it’s time to connect and configure the data bundles under Data Source Setup. Before we get too far, you should know that starter data bundles are pre-modeled standardized data sets and are available for Marketing Cloud Email Studio, MobileConnect, and MobilePush. Your data-aware specialist configures the data model, but this step is needed for initial account setup with Marketing Cloud. 

  1. Click Manage to select data bundles to import into Salesforce CDP. Manage button highlighted under Marketing Cloud data source setup.
  2. You see three data bundle sources: Email, MobileConnect, and MobilePush. These sources are auto-selected for import, but only select the data bundles of the channels you currently use.Setup bundles for Email, MobileConnect, and MobilePush selected.
  3. Click Start to confirm the bundles for import.

Want to know more about data? Check out the help documentation for data mapping.

Now it’s time to confirm the business units that can provide data to a Salesforce CDP account. 

  1. Click Manage to select business units to ingest data from.
  2. Use the arrows to add or remove business units to the Selected Business Units (BUs) field.
  3. Click Save.

After configuring your data bundles, Salesforce CDP creates a set of automations and automation activities in Marketing Cloud Automation Studio. These automations transfer data from between the two products. Make sure to tell your Marketing Cloud users that they shouldn’t alter or edit these activities.

Step 3: Business Unit Activation Setup

Step 1 and 2 are complete. Now let’s decide which business units to activate segments to from Salesforce CDP.

  1. Click Manage to select which of your available Marketing Cloud business units to activate.
  2. Use the arrows to add or remove business units to the Selected business units field.Select Business Units to activate.
  3. Click Save.

Once you see a 100% completion in your progress bar, your implementation is complete. Woo-hoo!

Connect Sales Cloud and Service Cloud 

Ready to connect your Sales Cloud and Service Cloud accounts? Follow these steps to connect one or more Salesforce orgs to your Salesforce CDP account.  

  1. Under the Setup gear, select CDP Setup.
  2. Under Configuration, select Salesforce CRM.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. You have the option to click Connect for the Salesforce org where Salesforce CDP is provisioned. You can also click Connect next to Connect Another Org.Connect a Salesforce org page with the Connect button selected.
  5. Enter your user credentials to establish the connection with Salesforce CDP.

Connection Details

Once you have your Salesforce org(s) connected, you can view the connection details from the Setup screen. Come back at any time to add additional orgs or to delete an existing connection.

Setup page for Salesforce CRM.


Learn more about Salesforce CRM connections on the help page. 

Now that you are connected, let’s view some other key topics you should know as a Salesforce CDP admin.


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