Considerations Before Set Up

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • List considerations before setting up B2B Marketing Analytics for your company.
  • Determine the version of software and steps to update the App Template.
  • Enable the Analytics app.
  • Sync data and connections.

Version Differences

Before Leung begins setting up the B2B Marketing Analytics App, she needs to consider which version of the app she has. The set up process for B2B Marketing Analytics varies based on when the feature was purchased or how it was set up initially. 

If you purchased Pardot Plus or Pardot Advanced after February 11, 2019, then you already have the B2B Marketing Analytics permission set license and you are all set.

If you purchased B2B Marketing Analytics before February 11, 2019, you have the Analytics Embedded App permission set license. To get the newest insights, install the latest version of B2B Marketing Analytics and migrate your customizations that were created before that date.



This module only references B2B Marketing Analytics versions purchased after February 11, 2019.

Set Up

B2B Marketing Analytics home dashboard.

Don’t use a Sandbox org when you set up B2B Marketing Analytics. If Leung needs to test dashboards, she should create a private app to configure, create, and share those dashboards. 

Multi-Touch Attribution and Account-Based Dashboards are optional, but Leung is considering using them to gain insights into which channels drive awareness, provide information about performance across all buying stages, and help close deals. All influence models are pulled into B2B Marketing Analytics for total Multi-Touch Attribution analysis. Leung can use Account-Based Marketing dashboards to understand how opportunities and contacts from one account engage with her marketing and sales assets.

Other Considerations

B2B Marketing Analytics is built on Salesforce’s analytics app template which is updated a few times per year. Leung will enable the feature as the admin but users must install and upgrade their apps as needed. You need an Einstein Analytics Growth or Plus platform license in order to use B2B Marketing Analytics with any Pardot Business Units. For more information on this and other considerations, check out the Resources section below.

Marketing Manager Dashboard

Prerequisites for B2B Marketing Analytics

In order to install B2B Marketing Analytics, first Leung needs to enable Analytics in her org. Let’s quickly do that.



Skip this step if Analytics is already enabled in your account.

  1. Click gear icon .
  2. Enter Analytics in the Quick Find box.
  3. Select Getting Started.
  4. Click Enable Analytics.

Next Leung needs to enable data sync and connections to optimize her dataflows and connect to external data and sync it. Before she does that, please refer to this article to help identify if there are any other additional actions you need to take. All set? Great! 

Let’s optimize Get Cloudy's data flows now.

  1. From Setup, enter Analytics in the Quick Find box.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Enable Data Sync and Connections and Enable Analytics Templates.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. After you enable data sync and connections, make sure that you run data sync before your dataflows next run. Dataflows with sfdcDigest nodes fail until data sync has run and completed for the first time.

Now that Leung has completed the prework for B2B Marketing Analytics, she is ready to install the app and begin using all of the new data. In the next unit, Leung will install the app and select her users for B2B Marketing Analytics.