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Salesforce has two different user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. It’s easy to switch between the two. You can learn about switching between interfaces, enabling Lightning Experience, and more in the Lightning Experience Basics module here on Trailhead.

This project is designed for Lightning Experience.

Salesforce Smart Refrigerator

In this project, you’ll use the Electric Imp platform to connect and monitor a refrigerator and a Salesforce Connected App to track the current temperature and humidity in the fridge.

You’ll create a Salesforce custom object to track the current temperature and humidity. This custom object will be updated with new readings every 15 seconds.

You’ll also set the system to open a case in Salesforce if any of the following is true:

  • The refrigerator door is open for more than 30 seconds
  • The temperature remains over 11°C for more than 15 minutes
  • The relative humidity is over 70% for more than 15 minutes

Last, you’ll post these cases to Chatter to ensure you’re alerted to new cases.

What you need


  • Your Wi-Fi network name and password
  • A smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • A computer with a web browser


  • An Electric Imp developer account
  • The Electric Imp BlinkUp app (iOS or Android)
  • A new Trailhead Playground org. Using an existing org can create problems when validating the project steps. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Launch your hands-on org button, and choose Create a Trailhead Playground. Then follow instructions in this article to find the username and password for your new Trailhead Playground org.


And if you want to install the board into a fridge:

  • 3 AA batteries
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