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Build a Suggestion Box App
Build a simple suggestion management app. No code required.
Quick Start: Build Your First App
Create a simple app to track visits to your local park.
Quick Start: Lightning Process Builder
Trigger a field update when a related record is edited. No code required.
Quick Start: Lightning Components
Create your first component that renders a list of Contacts from your org.
Quick Start: Reports & Dashboards
Create a report and dashboard to visualize your Opportunities.
Build a Lightning App with the Lightning Design System
Design a Lightning Component that displays an Account list.
Quick Start: Apex
Write your first Apex class.
Quick Start: Lightning App Builder
Build an app for sales reps in the field. No code required.
Quick Start: Salesforce Connect
Integrate external data into your org in real-time. No code required.
Quick Start: Visualforce
Build your first Visualforce page.
Build Hybrid Apps with the Mobile SDK
Explore different approaches to building hybrid apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK.
Build a 3D Virtual Reality App
Build a Android app to visualize and interact with your Salesforce data.
Quick Start: Predictive Vision Service
Use Apex to create a simple app to recognize and classify images.
Build a Battle Station App
Build a simple project management app to construct a galactic Battle Station. No code required.
Create a Product Pipeline Dashboard with Wave Charts
Import a spreadsheet and create Wave charts. No code required.
Quick Start: Lightning Experience for Closers
Get hands-on practice with Lightning Experience to sell faster and smarter.
Build an Account Reassignment Wizard
Build a wizard so that managers can automatically reassign accounts based on rating.
Build a Lemonade Stand App
Build a simple app to manage a lemonade stand business. No code required.
Build a Branded Chat
Add branded chats to your service channels with Live Agent. No code required.
Build an Automated Workshop Management System
Automate the tasks associated with organizing a development workshop.
Build a Restaurant-Locator Lightning Component
Build a Lightning Component with Yelp’s Search API that displays a list of businesses near a certain location.