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Lightning Experience Basics
Explore our new user experience and learn how to enable it for your organization.
Lightning Experience Rollout
Develop a rollout strategy to help your users get started with our new UX.
CRM Basics
Get started with navigating Salesforce CRM and personalizing your experience.
Apex Basics & Database
Use Apex to add business logic and manipulate your data.
Event Monitoring
Discover insights into your Salesforce org with this powerful monitoring feature.
Wave Analytics Basics
Uncover new insights from your business data using Wave Analytics.
Marketing Cloud Studios & Builders
Connect with the right person, the right way, at the right time with Marketing Cloud.
AppExchange Basics
Extend the power of Salesforce with apps, components, and services from AppExchange.
HTML5 & Hybrid
Build Cordova-based hybrid mobile apps using HTML5 and Salesforce Mobile SDK.
Salesforce User Basics
Get started with Salesforce and learn how to make it work for your bottom line.
User Authentication
Explore security features like two-factor authentication, custom domains, and single sign-on. Support Center
Learn about and customize your support center.
UI Customization
Customize your app's user interface without code.
Identity for Customers
Use Salesforce Identity to engage your customers and attract new ones.
Wave Analytics Administration Basics
Set up Wave Analytics and enable features and security.
Case Feed
Gain instant visibility into the timeline of a support case with a flexible, feed-based layout. Organization
Use custom fields, labels, and views to organize your customer support cases.
Wave Data Integration Basics
Bring your data into Wave and make it work for you.
Salesforce1 Mobile Basics
Customize your mobile experience with Salesforce1.
Apex Enterprise Patterns: Domain & Selector Layers
Programmatically create powerful queries, perform operations, and invoke business logic.
IoT Cloud Design and Rollout
Navigate Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud and build a simple proactive service solution.
Innovation Solution
Learn how to craft a compelling solution story, business case, and implementation plan.
Wave Desktop Exploration
Learn best practices for exploring data on your desktop.
Service Wave App
Get insights into your Service Cloud data through this prebuilt app.
Accountability & Delegation
Master these dual skills to lead your team to success and maximize your impact.
Chatter Basics
Develop a Chatter rollout strategy and help your users get started with enterprise social collaboration.
Sales Productivity
Boost rep productivity with an activity timeline and integrated email.
Artificial Intelligence Basics
Learn what AI is and how it will transform CRM and the customer experience.
Lightning Experience for Sales
Drive adoption of sales features through customizations that work best for your company.
Wave Apps Basics
Find out what Wave Analytics prebuilt apps can do for you and how you can create and customize them.
Salesforce Success Model
Learn who Salesforce is and our vision for driving customer success.
Equality Ally Strategies
Learn practical ways you can become an ally or champion and promote equality for all.
Native iOS
Develop native iOS apps using Salesforce Mobile SDK.
Salesforce1 Basics for Users
Collaborate with your teammates on the go with the Salesforce1 mobile app.
Volunteer Management
Find and connect with skilled volunteers and track their work in Salesforce.
Innovation Ideation & Prototyping
Work as a team to generate and prioritize ideas and build rapid prototypes.
Website Integration for Volunteer Management
Foster volunteer engagement by connecting Volunteers for Salesforce with your website.
UX Research Basics
Learn how to talk to your users, discover what they need, and influence design decisions.
Developer Console Basics
Get to know the Salesforce web-based integrated development environment (IDE).
Service Cloud Macros
Save time for your support agents by creating and running helpful macros.
Wave Dashboard Navigation
Find your way around Wave dashboards and drill in to get the insights you need.
Data Security
Control access to data using point-and-click security tools.
Consulting Partner Basics
Plan, build, and manage your business as a Salesforce consulting partner.
API Basics
Get to know the Salesforce APIs and learn to integrate your data.
Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) Basics
Transform your organization's volunteer management with powerful, cloud-based tools.
Innovation Project Definition
Define a problem that requires fresh thinking and scope your innovation project. Basics
Learn the basics of and how it can benefit your business.
Products, Quotes, & Contracts
Configure price books, templates, and contracts to help your sales reps sell products.
Live Agent Basics
Connect customers to the best agent for the job using live chat.
Email Marketing Strategies
Discover best practices to use when designing and sending an email.
Diversity and Inclusion Strategies
Learn what steps you can take to celebrate diversity and foster inclusion at work.
Business Value of Equality
Understand the societal and business value of having a diverse, inclusive workforce.
Salesforce CPQ Basics
Discover how Salesforce CPQ helps your sales team create quotes faster than ever before.
Apex & .NET Basics
Discover similarities between programming in .NET and Apex, and learn the basics of starting with Apex.
Search Solution Basics
Learn how search works, navigate use cases, and optimize search results.
Visualforce Basics
Use Visualforce to build custom user interfaces for mobile and web apps. Toolkit
Learn how to use the admin, agent, and business insights sections of
Microsoft Integration Basics
Learn the basics for setting up Microsoft integration products.
ISV Security Review
Devise an app security strategy and prepare for a security review.
Salesforce Platform Basics
Get introduced to the platform, navigate use cases, and build your first app.
Mobile Basics
Get familiar with mobile app development on the Salesforce App Cloud.
Path & Workspaces
Guide your reps through opportunity stages with helpful assistance and an optimized page layout.
Salesforce Connect
Access, display, and integrate data from an external data source in real time.
User Management
Set up users and control how they can view or edit your business data.
ISV App Development
Roll up your sleeves and develop, package, and test your first ISV app.
Salesforce Release Strategies
Learn how Salesforce releases new features and how your company can make the most of them.
Salesforce Ecosystem
Witness the awesomeness of our incredible partner ecosystem and customer community.
20 mins 2 Units
Lightning Experience Data Management
Learn how to import and export data in Lightning Experience.
Salesforce Cloud Benefits
Understand the flexibility of a "complete" CRM that evolves with your business needs.
HEDA Basics
Learn how Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) can help your school.
Process Automation
Save time across your org by using our point-and-click tools to automate repetitive business processes.
Salesforce Basics
Get introduced to Salesforce and Lightning Experience.
ISV Business Planning
Target your market, create a go-to-market plan, and build your team for your new business.
Accounts & Contacts
Discover how accounts and contacts work together in Salesforce.
UX Personas for Salesforce
Explore the Salesforce user research personas and learn how to use them at your business.
App Logic Vulnerability Prevention
Find and fix clickjacking, open redirects, cross-site request forgery, and other vulnerabilities.
Fundraising Basics
Learn the basics of fundraising with Salesforce.
Virtual Collaboration
Learn how to collaborate with distributed teams and manage remote employees.
App Customization Lite
Customize your app's page layouts, compact layouts, and actions.
Lightning App Builder
Build custom pages for Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 quickly with point-and-click tools.
Writing Style
Learn to write conversationally with these style tips.
Lightning Apps
Learn about Lightning apps, create one, and upgrade a Classic app to Lightning.
Transaction Security
Automatically monitor events and get instant notifications, based on rules you create.
Database & .NET Basics
Take what you know about SQL and apply that to SOQL, SOSL, and DML in Apex.
Custom Metadata Types
Learn how to customize, deploy, package, and upgrade application metadata with ease.
Apex Testing
Write robust code by executing Apex unit tests.
Communities Basics
Create a Salesforce community to expand your reach and delight your customers and prospects.
Apex Enterprise Patterns: Service Layer
Form a durable core for your apps with reusable code and efficient API consumption.
Service Console Customization
Customize the Service Console to increase agent productivity and make your customers love you.
Organizational Alignment (V2MOM)
Use the V2MOM process to get aligned on goals and strategies across the company.
Culture of Feedback
Discover strategies and tools to help you establish a culture of feedback at your company.
Duplicate Management
Resolve and prevent duplicates to increase user confidence in your data.
Community Rollout Strategy
Develop a strategy to build, launch, and nurture a community.
Shield Platform Encryption
Encrypt your data at-rest in the cloud and manage the life cycle of your encryption keys.
Formulas & Validations
Tailor your apps without writing code by using point-and-click logic.
Innovation Basics
Cultivate the right behaviors and team to ignite innovation in your organization. Process Automation
Save time and improve data quality with automated notifications, rules, and macros.
Wave Mobile Exploration
Get ready to explore your company's data from your mobile device.
HEDA Data Management
Populate your higher ed org with data and create relationships, courses, and programs.
Heroku Enterprise Basics
Learn the basics of how and when to use the Heroku Enterprise platform.
Platform Cache Basics
Reduce data retrieval times and improve your app's performance.
Data Modeling
Give your data structure with objects, fields, and relationships.
App Customization
Customize your app’s user interface without writing any code.
Salesforce User Tour
Get hands-on with the features that put the "sales" in Salesforce.
Trust and Influence
Explore tactics for building trust and strategies to influence a desired outcome.
Engagement & Retention
Attract and retain talent through daily, consistent engagement.
Knowledge Basics
Help employees and customers find answers fast with an online, searchable knowledge base.
Storytelling and Communications
See how stories make your meetings, presentations, and communications more compelling.
Coaching & Feedback
Get practical tools and guidance on coaching your team.
20 mins 2 Units
Data Management
Import and export data in
Lightning Experience Chatter Basics
Get started with enterprise social collaboration in Lightning Experience.
Knowledge Search Basics
Learn how search works in Salesforce Knowledge and customize search in your org for better results.
Drucker School—Balanced Scorecard
Use a balanced scorecard to track your progress and get your company aligned.
Service Console Components
Give your support agents everything they need on one screen.
Lightning Alternatives to JavaScript Buttons
Discover Lightning-friendly solutions for your JavaScript button use cases.
Salesforce Einstein Features
Discover insights and predict outcomes with this powerful set of AI-enhanced features.
ISV Basics
Build a business on the Salesforce platform with the ISV Partner Program.
Impact of Unconscious Bias
Recognize unconscious bias at work and its impact on employee performance.
Salesforce Career Exploration for Students
Prepare for your career and learn about jobs at Salesforce.
Security Basics
Educate your users, protect your Salesforce org, and encourage a culture of security.
Lightning Service Basics
Set up customer service in a flash for small-to medium-size organizations.
Marketing Cloud Basics
Explore our powerful suite of products and start building your digital marketing strategy.
Apex Triggers
Write Apex triggers to perform custom database actions.
Identity Basics
Secure your org so users can log in once to access a variety of apps, orgs, and services.
Salesforce1 Rollout
Develop a rollout strategy to help your company do more with Salesforce1.
Public Speaking Skills
Create persuasive content, build your audience, and present like a pro.
Volunteer Registration
Learn how to register volunteers for one-time and recurring events.
Great Management
Learn our six characteristics of great management and start your manager journey.
Lightning Experience Features
Examine new sales tools for managing Leads, Opportunities, and more.
Apex Integration Services
Integrate with external apps using Apex REST and SOAP services.
Salesforce Ohana Culture
Learn how Salesforce lives our Ohana values every day.
Sales Reports for Lightning Experience
Set up reports and dashboards for your sales managers, reps, and execs.
Call Center Integration
Take customer calls by integrating your phone channel and support console.
Innovation Customer Discovery
Learn tactics for rapid research that will help you better understand your customers.
Advanced Formulas
Learn how to write clean, easy-to-understand formulas for complex use cases.
Native Android
Develop native Android apps using Salesforce Mobile SDK.
Leads & Opportunities
Learn how you can power your sales process with leads and opportunities in Salesforce.
Salesforce Technology Basics
Get a peek under the hood of our core technology model based on trust and innovation.
Change Management
Safely deploy changes by developing them like apps.
Service Cloud Basics
Deliver extraordinary customer service with multi-channel support.
Asynchronous Apex
Write more efficient Apex code with asynchronous processing.
Data Quality
Discover strategies for assessing and improving the quality of your data in Salesforce.
Entitlement Management
Deliver on the promise of great service to your customers with rules you create.
Microsoft Integration Benefits
Understand the benefits of integrating Microsoft email and Salesforce.
IoT Basics
Tailor your customer experience with the Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud.
ISV App Strategy
Identify the tools and technologies needed to build your ISV app.
Sales Wave App
Learn how to put Sales Cloud data to work through the prebuilt Sales Wave app’s dashboards.
Offline Management
Manage offline access for Android and iOS apps using Salesforce Mobile SDK.